Microfluidic photochemistry : The PHOTOTRAIN project

While there is currently a need to move human technologies into a sustainable future, eight European organizations from France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Belgium and one institution from Israel will unite around the PHOTOTRAIN Project and study how photo-chemistry could lead us to this sustainability. The main goal of the PHOTOTRAIN Project is to develop light-fuelled processes thanks to a microfluidic device.


Light-based technologies: A hope of sustainable solutions for the future

Today, light can provide valuable and sustainable alternatives that can help us temper climate change and meet energy demands, by providing energy and reducing energy consumption. This is the reason why new materials are being developed to collect solar energy for instance. Furthermore, solar lighting (lamps that recharge during the day thanks to solar energy) has proved its efficiency in developping countries, giving a source of light after nightfall to people who don’t have access to electricity.

Now, it is commonly admitted that the 21st century will depend as much on light-energy  as the 20th century depended on electronics. This is the reason why The PHOTOTRAIN Project focus on the  photo-chemistry and its apllications.

The PHOTOTRAIN Project goals

The main goal oh the Phototrain Project is to transform light-fuelled processes from a proof-of-principle to an exploitable process. To achieve this goal, they will use fundamental concepts in supramolecular chemistry and photochemistry to build functional photoactive interfaces which can be implemented to produce scalable and sustainable quantities of products. Indeed, they will have to discover and implement new principles in photoinduced energy transfer and charge separation to enable the development of exploitable catalytic technologies based on versatile, robust and low-cost microfluidic devices. We haope that this project should help us to make our way to a sustainable future where photochemistry enable us to use light as a fuel in multiple and different areas.

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