Full station - A Turnkey offer to fabricate your SU-8 mold and PDMS chips


Any lab can now produce Su-8 molds & PDMS chips without clean room

Save Time : We provide and install all equipments in your lab.

Easy to Use : With our P&P instruments and our training, be ready to produce microchips in your lab after one week.

Save Space : The equivalent of a conventional clean room in 3 m2.

High resolution : Reach the same resolution than the one you can get inside clean room.

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Your needs

The full soft-lithography station, includes everything you need to fabricate molds and replicate PDMS chips directly in your lab. The pack includes all equipments and support to produce microfluidic chips autonomously.

The soft-lithography station is a turnkey offer, no need to acquire any additional equipment. Basically, only a chemical fume hood and a little working space are required. We adjust the offer, together, to be fine-tuned to your needs.


  • Reach the same pattern resolution as in a clean room.
  • Get strong photoresist patterns for numerous future PDMS moldings.
  • Work with robust processes which enable easy reproducibility.
  • Fabricate your molds without initial knowledge in micro fabrication.
  • Get the best equipment to ensure your facility a long lifetime.
  • Highly reproducible processes for your chip fabrication.
  • Fast fabrication process and develop your chip in 24h.
  • Get advantage of our knowledge for your soft-lithography process.



  • Complete air plasma system
  • Oven for fast PDMS curing
  • Desiccator for PDMS degassing
  • Programmable spin coater
  • UV lamp – LED exposure
  • Programmable hot plate



All lab accessories (Silicon wafers, tweezers, glass slides, Petri dishes, disposable cups, stirring rods, scalpels, etc.) are included. We give you all the products’ references and providers information to refill your stock.



All chemicals (SU8, Adherence promoter, SU8 developer, Isopropanol, Acetone, etc.) are included. We give you all the products’ references and providers information to refill your stock.


  • Standard support pack: We take care of the after sale of all your instruments, we provide you microfabrication process-sheet and tutorials, we provide you 1 year phone assistance to answer any microfabrication questions you could have.
  • Extended support pack: In addition to standard pack our R&D team installs the Softlithobox directly in your lab, we adapt on site all our microfabrication process to your needs and we train your team until they become ready to fabricate all your microfluidic chips.

Plasma cleaner

soft lithography Plasma-datasheet BLACK

The first plasma cleaner designed specifically for PDMS bonding, this automated plasma enables to easily fabricate your PDMS microfluidic device. Thanks to its vacuum feedback loop, this plasma cleaner automatically regulates the vacuum inside the chamber without need of hand tuning.

Major strengths:

  • Automatic pressure regulation for easy PDMS bonding.
  • Low pressure drift gauge for reproducible process over time.
  • Secured vacuum pump to avoid contamination of the plasma chamber.
  • Three RF power available.
  • Numeric vacuum gauge.
  • Fine vacuum tuning compatible with 3 to 6 inches wafer.


oven photo lithography PDMS chip

Natural convention drying oven. Frontal panel with bimetallic fluid expansion probe thermo regulator. This oven for 4 inches wafer will allow you to cure your PDMS efficiently. Indeed its size is adapted for a Petri dish size to heat two molds at once. Its minimum footprint enables fast pre-heating and small electric consumption. It is a really movable device and can be installed everywhere.

Major strengths:

  • Easy to use.
  • Internal chamber in aluminium for a better heat diffusion.
  • Adjustable flow air going inside the chamber for venting.
  • Small footprint adapted to 15mm Petri dish.
  • Two internal shelves.
  • Light warning during heating.
  • Timer goes from 1 to 120 minutes.

Spin coater


This spin coater is compact and packed with advanced features. It works with wafers up to diam. 150mm and 5″ x 5″ (127mm x 127mm) substrates. This spin coater is perfectly fine-tuned to do controllable and reapeatable PDMS layers. Its compact size with the little panel control attached makes the device really movable. Moreover the hole on the lid enables to do dynamic PDMS coating.

Major strengths:

  • Designed specifically for ease-of-use.
  • Simple to program from the operator panel or your PC.
  • Ability to set complex sequences with several accelerations and speeds.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Non clogging system for extended lifetime.
  • Low vibration.
  • Speed up to 12000rpm.
  • Provided with wafer centering tool.


UV LAMP BLACK photolithography Programmable-UV-lamp

This UV Lamp is a very compact table-top system capable of exposing a wafer surface area of up to 4 inches in diameter. This automatic UV system is compatible with hard (physical) or soft (proximity) masking contacts, and features variable mask to substrate distance control.

With 2μm resolution, the device is particularly well tuned for soft-lithography applications. The exposure in flash enables to reduce the internal mechanical stress of the photoresist. Its little size enables to install it everywhere you want, especially outside a clean room.

Major strengths:

  • Perfectly monochromatic exposure over the wafer surface area (bandwidth lower than 10 nm).
  • Cold UV exposure.
  • Divergence angle of the light < 2°.
  • Strong power density.
  • Long LED lifetime: more than 10 000 hours equivalent to 8 – 10 years of use.
  • Fast switch on/off of the LED enables to flash the photoresist.
  • User-friendly touch screen interface for exposure cycles programming.
  • No warm-up time required.
  • Intuitive control of UV source intensity.
  • Automated wafer loading and unloading system.
  • Usable with glass and plastic photomask.
  • Directional UV beam.
  • No variation in time of the UV power.
  • High UV uniformity on 4 inches wafer.
  • Integrated UV meter.

Hot plate

hotplates-tuto microfluidic chip soft lithography

Ensure accurate, homogeneous and stable temperature set points. This digital hotplate device enables to set temperature ramp for heating and cooling down. Make your life easier with its programmable controls which enable to automatize your photolithography process.

Its aluminum top plate and its great heating surface area enable to have a sufficiently wide zone where the temperature is homogeneous for an efficiently bake of SU-8 photoresist on a 4 inches wafer. The temperature ramp enables to reduce the mechanical stress inside the photoresist layer.

Major strengths:

  • Temperature ramp to heat up and cool down.
  • High temperature uniformity over 4 inches wafer.
  • No temperature sensor drift over time.
  • Microprocessor display maintains consistent temperature.
  • Minimal temperature overshoot.
  • Automatic timer.
  • Smoothed aluminium plate for easy photoresist cleaning.
  • Control time count, temperature and set point directly from your PC.

An adaptive offer!

Since each laboratory is different, since each research is unique, we do adapt the offer to be as close as possible of the real need. We discuss together what will be the best efficient facility and thus add or remove equipment, accessories, chemicals.

Do not hesitate to ask one of our technico-commercials to make an assessment of your facility and to advise you on your project.


We have created basic offers with everything needed to have a complete working set, but some options can be added according to each situation. We have selected some option commonly used during softlithography processes but do not hesitate to ask our engineer if you have special expectations.

Air compressor


Vacuum pump

Vacuum Pump Soft lithography

Ultrasonic bath

Ultrasonic bath soft lithography

Developer Agitator

Developer-agitator soft lithography


Begin with Soft-lithography ?

Do your own  SU8 Mold and PDMS chips

> We install everything & train your team in 1 week

> Plug and play soft-lithography protocol

> Get the highest resolution without clean room