Microfluidic Flow Measurement

Our modules can either be used with our pressure controllers or as a standalone instrument when plugged to our Flow reader. Design the monitoring solution that best fits your needs and control it on a computer through our Software.

Pressure & flow control on the same instrument

Perform both pressure & flow control with the same instrument thanks to our 5 different Flow Sensors. Monitor pressure at a given point of your setup thanks to our 5 different Pressure Sensors.


Microfluidic Bubble Detector

Elveflow provides a unique microfluidic liquid sensor. The sensor is able to register presence of fluid, trigger a signal to another instrument and act accordingly ...
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MSR – Microfluidic Sensor Reader V2

An acquisition interface for all your sensors inside your setup for monitoring and feedback control ...
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MPS – Microfluidic pressure sensor

We provide high accuracy pressure sensor adapted to liquids, compatible with 3/32 ID or 1/16 OD tubing ...
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MFP – Microfluidic Inline Pressure Sensor

Inline liquid sensors for pressure measurement with no dead volume and FDA certified ...
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