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For live cell assays and live cell imaging

Ranges  from 0.1 to 5000 µL/min  – Medium switch  up to 10 different medium or reagents

Compatible with MicroSlides.

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Perfusion Pack - For microfluidic chips and perfusion chambers


Perfectly stable flow during your experiments


Keep shear stress under control with a wide range of flow rates available


All-in-one pack – All components & software included

A fluidic system dedicated to cell culture

Elveflow® provides a perfusion system dedicated to cell culture, for lab-on-chips and perfusion chambers. This fully integrated solution includes all the necessary elements to create a continuous flow and monitor flow rate applied on the cells.

Switch between up to 10 different medium or reagents 

For experiments requiering switches between different culture medium or drugs, a computer-controlled valve allows sequential injection.



Control both pressure & flow rate

Ideal for shear stress assays

Perform fast switches between medium or drugs

For imaging cell’s response to various media or drugs

Stable & pulseless flow rate

No more coverslip expansion and cell stress

Large range of flow rates

From 10nL/min to 5 mL/min

Design flow injection sequences

Create complex patterns, such as oscillating flow to mimic physiological conditions

Recirculation loop

Ideal for long assays

Instantaneous stop flow

For controlled solution exposure experiments, such as calcium imaging

Pressure & flow controller
Rotative valve
Flow sensor
Tubing and connectors
Software and librairies

MicroSlide chip for cell culture

In collaboration with ALine Inc., Elveflow provides a microfluidic chip designed for cell culture.

Pressure & Flow controller: Impose a given pressure in order to create a stable and pulseless flow rate.

Reservoirs: Contain your medium or samples. Various sizes are available, from Eppendorf to bottles.

Rotative valve: Select the injected liquid.

Flow Sensor: Monitor and control the flow rate in live time.

Perfusion chamber or microfluidic chip: Contains your cells. Compatible with microscopy.

Computer: Control all the parameters with our software, and automate your experiment by creating injection sequences.

Cell culture on chip
Live cell imaging
Cell response to medium change
Drug screening
Toxicity tests
Stem cells assays
Calcium imaging
3D cell culture
Bioreactor studies
biology research

Check our dedicated application note!

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