Organ on chip set-up Elveflow microfluidics

For organ on a chip

Ranges  from 0.01 µL/min to 5000 µL/min  – Inject & Withdraw 

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“This is not a coincidence if NASA trusts us”

MOP –Microfluidic Organ-on-chip Pack


Automate your experiments over weeks thanks to our powerful scheduler


Ensure a pulsation free and custom flow rate pattern of your choice


All-in-one pack – Controller, chip, accessories & software included to start out of the box

A fluidic system dedicated to cell culture

ORGAN ON CHIP PACK : Elveflow® provides a pack dedicated to organ-on-chip. This fully integrated solution includes all the necessary elements to dive into this promising area.

The possibility to control both vacuum and pressure makes it perfectly suited to application such as:

  • Gut-on-a-chip
  • Lung-on-a-chip
  • Liver-on-a-chip
  • Skin-on-a-chip
  • heart-on-a-chip
  • instestine-on-a-chip
  • kidney-on-a-chip
  • thrombosis-on-a-chip
  • Neural or cardio-vascular networks-on-a-chip

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Control both pressure & vacuum

Ideal to mimic physiological conditions

Perform fast switches between medium or drugs

For imaging cell’s response to various media or drugs

Stable & pulseless flow rate

Fine control over quantity delivered

Large range of flow rates

From 0.01 µL/min to 5 mL/min

Design flow injection sequences

Create complex patterns, such as oscillating flow to mimic physiological conditions

heartbeat microfluidic organ on chip

Flow controller: Easily control a stable and accurate flow rate

Reservoirs: Contain your medium or samples. Various sizes are available, from Eppendorf to bottles.

Organ-on-chip: Contains your cells. Compatible with optical microscopy.

Software: Have a total control over all the parameters through our software. Program long run experiments and automate sample injection thanks to our powerful scheduler.

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organ on chip

Elveflow has joined forces with ALine Inc. which has a proven track record in the area to provide among different options a microfluidic chip designed for cell culture. Two independently accessible chambers are separated by a porous membrane of choice. Unlike microtiter plate based systems, these devices allow continuous flow in one or both chambers. Balancing the pressure drop across the membrane can be used to adjust the flux across the membrane.

organ on chip

Aline Inc has also the ability to carry your design from prototyping through development to manufacturing. Their expertise throughout the development stages enables us to ensure your design is manufacturing ready from an early stage, eliminating scale-up issues that so often plague technologies. In addition to microfluidic chip design, they have extensive experience in integrated functional solutions, such as the incorporation of electrodes, membranes and valves, integration with sensors, printed circuit boards and blister packs, and reagent deposition.


Perfusion pack with microslide for cell culture on chip


The pack can be used either with the chip from Aline Inc, your homemade chip or any other commercial solution available

Recirculation option

One can use our MUX Inj to perform a unidirectional flow circulation to ensure cell nurturing over days

Bubble detector

One can detect potential bubble in the setup and setup an action accordingly through the software

Pressure sensors

Possibility to use one or several pressure sensors to measure the pressure drop accross the system

Cell culture on chip
Live cell imaging
Cell response to medium change
Drug screening
Toxicity tests
Stem cells assays

Organs-on-chips not only has the advantages such as miniaturization, integration and low consumption, but also it can accurately control the multi-parameters of system such a chemical concentration gradient, fluid shear stress, cell patterning, tissue-tissue interface, organ-organ interaction and so on, mimicking the complex structure, microenvironment and physiological function of human organs.

These applications hold the promise of having a significant impact on improving the predictability of drug screening models and Personalised Medicine. Organ-on-a-chip technology supports these research areas by providing an environment that can mimic the human physiology and morphology in vivo better than traditional cell culturing methods. Scalable organ-on-a-chip production is made possible by combining the enabling technologies originating from both the semiconductor and molecular biology industries.

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organ on chip--37



The Sonnenburg Lab in Stanford is developing a microfluidic system to test how chemical and osmotic perturbations affect gut microbe species in the absence of host interactions. The ability to monitor the real-time dynamics of a complex microbial community during physical perturbations will allow them to characterize relevant members and key metabolic pathways involved during disruption of the normal equilibrium. They trust us and our OB1 Mk3 achieve fine-scale microfluidic control.

Related publication

A microfluidic circulatory system integrated with capillary-assisted pressure sensors, Y. Chen, H. N. Chan, S. A. Michael, Y. Shen, Y. Chen, Q. Tian, L. Huang and H. Wu, Lab Chip, 2017, DOI:10.1039/C6LC01427E.

They fasten their research with us

Elveflow customers


We  provide the only microfluidic flow control system using Piezo technology that enables a blazing fast flow change in your microdevice.

Piezo electric microfluidics flow control

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