Droplet pack - By Elveflow microfluidics

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Droplet pack – Easy generation


Everything included to start from scratch


Automate everything and get out of the lab early


High throughput generation

The droplet generator pack had been designed to fit most common droplet generation needs of researchers. This fully integrated solution includes all the elements necessary to generate droplets out of the box and allow you to benefit of the advantages of digital microfluidics in your daily work:

  • Confinement to ultra small volumes
  • Incorporation of complex liquid handling protocols
  • High throughput
  • Repeatability
  • Enhanced monodispersity

The setup

sETUP DROPLET GENERATION elveflow microfluidics


  • Polymer synthesis
  • Cell culture
  • PCR
  • Double emulsion
  • Hydrogel Synthesis
  • RNA Sequencing
  • Foams
  • Single Cell Analysis
  • Drug Delivery

Content of the pack

Pressure controller for microfluidics elveflow OB1 MK3+

Microfluidic chip for droplet generation Elveflow

Flow sensors Elveflow

Pressure controller OB1 (MK3+)

2 channels – 2 bars

PDMS microfluidic chip

10 devices on the same chip

  2 Flow Sensors

No connectors needed

Other elements in this pack

1 Oil and surfactant – 20 mL

HFE 7500 + 2% surfactant

15 mL reservoirs

Microfluidic caps included

Tubing 1/32” OD

Tubing 30 m

10 1/4”-28 fittings
10 Luer locks fittings

10 1/16” OD FEP Microfluidic Sleeves

15m Tygon air tubing 7/32” OD 3/32” ID
1 Pressure source quick connection kit
1 Pneumatic Polyurethane (PU) Flexible Tubing

Tubing 2 m with 6 mm OD diameter

1 ESI Elveflow Software

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Related publications

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Controllable generation and encapsulation of alginate fibers using droplet-based microfluidics

Lab on a Chip, Nov 2015, A. J. deMello et al.

Image-based closed-loop feedback for highly mono-dispersed microdroplet production

Scientific Reports, Sept 2017, G. Whyte et al.

Negative Pressure Induced Droplet Generationin a Microfluidic Flow-focusing Device 

Analytical Chemistry, Feb 2017, Say Hwa Tan et al

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