MUX WIRE + 1-way valve

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Control 1 to 8 valves independently


Use our microfluidic valves (3:2 , 2:2, … ) or plug your own valves


A simple USB connection and easily control your valves with your computer

Plug your valves wherever you want in your microfluidic setup 

With MUX WIRE, you can easily control your microfluidic valves. You can use our 2-way or 3-way valves or plug your own ones. Each valve is connected individually on the MUX WIRE through small WR-MPC3 connectors, facilitating the design of new microfluidic setup.

Principle: Plug your valves anywhere in you microfluidic setup

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Valve controller for deported valves

The MUX WIRE microfluidic valve controller allows to plug and control valves through our software interface. We provide different valves dedicated to microfluidics but you can plug your own valves 24V (see spec) based on your needs, giving maximum flexibilty to easily change or develop new microfluidic setup.

Wide range of applications

  • Fast liquid switching
  • Liquid sampling
  • Stop and go flows
  • Complex sequences of injection including fluching, rincing, and sequential injection of several liquids.

Our compatible microfluidic valves , 2-way / 3-way ...

Solenoid valves for microfluidics (optional)

We provide optionally 2-way and 3-way valves with the MUX WIRE. These valves have been carefully selected for their convenience and performances to fullfill the needs of most microfluidic applications.

Schéma  choix Valves

microfluidic Valves 2Our recommended microfluidic valves

You can order our 2-way and 3-way valves together with the MUX WIRE or order them separately depending on your needs.

All the valves have been selected and tested to achieve most of the microfluidic applications. They are robust and reliable and can be bought individually.

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microfluidic Valves 2Low pressure valve. 2-ways (normally close or normally open) or 3-ways

  • Compatible with gas or liquid
  • ROCKER® valve technology (flow displacement < 10nL)
  • Low internal volume: 20 µL
  • Afford a wide range of pressure: -0.75 bar to 2.5 bar (-11 psi to 37 psi)
  • Convenient ¼-28UNF connection
  • Low power consumption: 1.5 W
  • High chemical resistance. Wetted materials: PEEK, EPDM, FKM or Kalrez

High pressure valve. 2-ways (normally close or normally open) SMC LVM15R3HY-5C-6 valve, chemical, base mounted, LVM CHEMICAL VALVE, 2 PORTor 3 ways

  • Compatible with gas or liquid
  • ROCKER® valve technology (flow displacement < 10nL)
  • Low internal volume: 50 µL
  • Afford a wide range of pressure: 0 bar to 4.5 bar (0 psi to 65 psi)
  • Convenient ¼-28UNF connection
  • Power consumption: 5.5 W at inrush and 1 W at holding
  • High chemical resistance. Wetted materials: PEEK, EPDM, FKM or Kalrez

Custom manifold

We design on-demand any fluidic manifold compatible with our low pressure valves to meet your requirements.

For instance, we can provide you with 4/1 valves with 20ms closing time as shown on the pictures at the right.

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Use your own valve

You have the possibility to use your own valves depending on your needs and specific constraints. You just need to link them to small WR-MPC3 connectors. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

MUX WIRE overview

MUX WIRE provides a robust and versatile way to control valves

  • Control up to 8 valves with our software
  • Valve power up to 10 W
  • 35 W total power
  • 2 TTL triggers for synchronization with other instruments
  • Easy visualization of valve state with LEDs


Complete setup synchronization

MUX WIRE works perfectlty with all our other microfluidic devices by using the same Elveflow Smart Interface. MUX WIRE is also equipped with internal & external trigger connectors and can thus be linked to other devices  such as a microscope or an electrical instruments, enabling the synchronization of up to 16 instruments simultaneously.

Software & SDK

Our ESI Elveflow® Smart Interface can monitor and control valve state. Pre-programed configurations can be stored and easily commutated to change the state of your setup instantaneously. The ESI software suit sequencer can also program advanced sequences of valve commutation in interaction with other Elveflow products.

Elveflow® instruments are built around a common application allowing you to easily switch from one instrument to another. Our Smart Interface is user friendly and only needs few minutes of training.

With our SDK, you can also create your program and integrate our instruments to your setup.

The following table summarizes the main features of the Elveflow® Mux Wire.


spec MUX WIRE microfluidic switch valve


NI microfluidic software

National Instruments is our technological partner for embedded electronics and software

Elveflow Smart Interface

Elveflow® instruments are built around a software application that facilitates the switch from one instrument to another. Thanks to an intuitive interface, the Elveflow® Smart Interface enables the use of Elveflow® instruments from the simplest commands for beginners to the most complex manipulations for experts… read more

Our USB Software allow you to control complex flow and pressure profile.

The user can either control the pressure or the flow by choosing a constant value, a ramp, a sine, a triangle or a square waveforms with desired parameters. A graph can allow you to monitor the applied pressure, the flow rate (using a flow sensor) or the signal of any external sensor.

Software and libraries

Control your experiments through C, Python, Matlab®, Labview® or the Elveflow® Smart Interface.

> Configurations Save configurations and switch from one setting to another in a second > Edit functions Complex pressure and flow rate profiles such as ramp, sine, square and triangle can be defined.

> Flow control When used with a flow sensor, a feedback loop with adaptable sensors allows for a direct control of the flow rate. > Display & save data Real time pressure and flow rate are monitored and can be saved for later studies.

Microfluidic Ressources

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