Pressure stability: 0.05 % – Response time: 50 ms


An autonomous pump designed to meet all mobile worker’s needs

AF1 pressure pumps integrate a micropump and a high accuracy pressure controller using Piezo technology. They enable generation and accurate control of pressure into microfluidic chips without compressed gas lines or gas compressors. Choose to adjust flow through front control button or computer interface.

We provide various pressure ranges and configurations: + 200 mbar, + 1.6 bar, dual vacuum  -1/+1bar … And  several options.

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microfluidic-pressure-pump-film-AF1An autonomous pump with the advantage of the most recent piezoelectric technology for microfluidics

The embedded micro-compressor makes unnecessary the typical air compressor or air line scheme. Only one thing is required to install your setup – an electrical plug!

Wide range of applications

  • Digital microfluidics: micro-droplets, anisotropic particles, double emulsion generation & handling
  • Bead and particle manipulation
  • Fast liquid sample switching
  • Cell culture experiments


The piezoelectric technologies used in the AF1  provides the world’s most accurate flow control for your microfluidic experiment.

  • Pressure stability: 0.05 %
  • Sensor resolution: 0.006 %
  • Settling time: 40 ms
  • Response time: 50 ms


Choose the pressure range fitted to your application

Range available :

  • 200 mbar
  • 1.6 bar
  • -700 mbar/+1 bar

Fully customizable & OEM

The AF1 can be modified to fit almost all specific microfluidic requirements. An OEM version is available and you can decide to upgrade your system at any time.

High volume

Piezo technology enables fast pressurization of tanks up to 1 liter and enables you to set up long term or high flow rate microfluidic experiments.

Flow rate control (optionnal)

AF1 pressure pump can be coupled with a flow sensor. Using our feedback loop, you can monitor and control flow rate in your microfluidic setup while keeping stability and responsiveness of pressure driven flows.

AF1 microfluidic pressure pump 2

Manual or USB software

For early stage scientific experiments, monitor and control pressure using the front panel knob and screen. With the AF1 Premium, you can switch from manual to USB control at any time using the Elveflow® Smart Interface.

Elveflow® instruments are built around a common application which facilitates navigation from one instrument to another. Our Smart Interface enables you to control your setup after a few minutes of training.

Complete setup synchronisation

The AF1  is equipped with internal & external trigger connectors and  can thus be synchronized with any other Elveflow® product, a microscope or any electrical instrument … And enables the synchronization of up to 16 instruments simultaneously.

Microfluidc-flow-control-software-AF1-microfluidic-pressure-pumpComplex fluidic profiles

Create, monitor and modify in real-time complex pressure and flow rate profiles such as sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, or sawtooth…

The following table summarizes the main features of the AF1 pressure pump.

Microfluidic AF1 pressure controller specifications



National Instruments is our technological partner for embedded electronics and software

USB pressure pump software module

Elveflow® instruments are assembled around a software application that facilitates the switch from one instrument to another. Thanks to an intuitive interface, the Elveflow® Smart Interface enables the use of Elveflow® instruments from the simplest commands for beginners to the most complex manipulations for experts… read more

Our USB Software enables you to control complex flow and pressure profile.

The user can apply constant pressure or flow and ramp, but also sine, triangle or square waveforms with desired parameters. A graphic allows monitoring of either the applied pressure or the flow rate (using a flow sensor) or of any external captor.

DLL and libraries

Control your experiments through C, Python, Matlab®, Labview® or the Elveflow® Smart Interface.

> Configurations
Store pressure configurations and switch from one to another in a single second.

> Edit functions
Complex pressure and flow rate profiles such as ramp, sine, square and triangle can be defined.

> Flow control
When used with a flow sensor, a feedback loop with adaptable sensors allows a direct control of the flow rate.

> Display & save data
Real time pressure and flow rate are monitored and can be saved for later studies.

Microfluidic Ressources

> Testimonials

> Publications

> Applications Notes

> About Performance




  2. MONITORING: Control pressure using your computer or the instrument’s front panel knob.
  3. SAMPLE: Pressurize the liquids inside tanks with your AF1 (compatible with Eppendorf, Falcon or bottle ).
  4. CHIP: Pressurized liquids are smoothly and precisely injected onto your chip according to the set pressure or flow rate profile.
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