Microfluidic Flow Control System

Our Flow control systems are based on patented piezoelectric technology inspired from aeronautics, to enable a flow control that is 20 times more precise and 10 times faster than the leading flow controllers on the market.

We offer 4 different compact Valves Matrix solutions enhancing performances thanks to PEEK rockers valves. Use from 4 to 256 valves perfectly synchronized.

Piezo electric microfluidics flow control

Pressure & Vacuum on the same channel

The OB1 microfluidic flow controller, is the only flow control instrument that allows you to control pressure and vacuum on the same channel. For example, this feature enables you to precisely control the position of an object inside a microfluidic channel.


OB1 – 4 channels microfluidic flow controller

The only microfluidic flow control system using Piezo technology and enabling a blazing fast flow change in your microdevice ...
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MMW – Microfluidic Valve Controller

Plug your valves 2-WAYS & 3-WAYS wherever you want in your microfluidic setup ...
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MUX – microfluidic flow switch matrices

4 unique microfluidic flow switch matrices Great capabilities for new possibility, Quake valve control, Medium switch, Live cell perfusion, Stop flow ...
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Software & SDK

Elveflow® instruments are built around a common application which facilitates navigation from one instrument to another. ...
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AF1 Dual – Vacuum & Pressure Controller

Switch from vacuum to pressure on the same channel, the Dual AF1 has a pressure range from -700 mbar to 1bar ...
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VAN – Pressure and Vacuum generator

An autonomous Pressure & Vacuum pump adapted to laboratories, Compact, quiet, robust ...
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