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Microfluidic flow control system
Microfluidic flow control system
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Elveflow® focuses on the development of high performance and Plug and Play flow control systems fitted to microfluidic research. We provide the only microfluidic flow control systems using Piezo technology and blazing fast flow changes in your microdevice. We can advise you and install the setup best fitted for your lab.

 Piezo electric microfluidics flow control


Elveflow offers the most complete range of microfluidic instruments. Our product line covers the main applications in the field.

This unique advantage maximizes your chances of finding an instrument that is compatible with your current setup and that also meets your changing needs, regardless of the modifications you wish to make in your system.

Pressure controller for microfluidics elveflow OB1 MK3+

OB1 – 4 channels microfluidic flow controller

The only microfluidic flow control system using Piezo technology and enabling a blazing fast flow change in your microdevice ...
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microfluidics-flow-switch-matrix-valvess (1)2

MUX – microfluidic flow switch matrices

4 unique microfluidic flow switch matrices Great capabilities for new possibility, Quake valve control, Medium switch, Live cell perfusion, Stop flow ...
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Microlfuidic flow control software Screen

Software & SDK

Elveflow® instruments are built around a common application which facilitates navigation from one instrument to another. ...
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AF1 Dual – Vacuum & Pressure Controller

Switch from vacuum to pressure on the same channel, the Dual AF1 has a pressure range from -700 mbar to 1bar ...
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microfluidic flow-sensor 3

MFS – Microfluidic flow sensors

We provide high accuracy liquid mass flow sensors for ultra low flow rate monitoring ...
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Microfluidic pressure sensor white

MPS – Microfluidic pressure sensor

We provide high accuracy pressure sensor adapted to liquids, compatible with 3/32 ID or 1/16 OD tubing ...
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New product
droplet generator pack

Droplet Generation pack setup

The droplet generator pack had been designed to fit most common droplet generation needs of researchers.

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In just a few years, Elveflow became the world leader in high performance microfluidic flow control. Today, Elveflow provides the largest range of microfluidic flow control systems.

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Academic Discount

We provide academic discounts. Contact us for more information.

Advice & Expertise

The experience & responsiveness of our engineers ensure a fast and thorough resolution of any issue that may arise. The Elveflow® support staff is only one phone call or email away.

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Everything needed for a smooth start

Fittings & connectors, tubings, reservoirs… Our complete line of microfluidic kits and spare parts provides a number of solutions that will meet any of your requirements.


Because we want to offer our customers products that best fit their needs, we constantly develop new innovative instruments for the microfluidic community.

Applications Tutorials

We chose to publish and share with the microfluidic community a lot microfluidic tutorials, application notes and reviews.


Our flow controller OB1 – OEM  derives directly from our best seller product, used by hundreds of academic and industrial laboratories worldwide.

microfluidic OEM flow control

free copyright microfluidic valve deformation

OEM microfluidic flow control


Elveflow customers

High-quality innovative products

We use an aeronautic technology and select our components on performance and reliability criteria. Each one of our instruments undergoes demanding testing before being sold. This challenging process minimizes after sale service and allows us to offer a two year warranty.

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Publication officielle : apport de l’activité Fastgene à BforCure par Elvesys par voie d’apport partiel d’actif.

En date du 28 novembre 2018, la société Elvesys a initié le processus d’apport de la branche d’activité autonome Fastgene au bénéfice de la société BforCure.

Les documents ‘Avis de projet d’apport scission’ et de ‘Projet de traité d’apport partiel d’actifs’ sont téléchargeables ci-dessous :

Avis de projet d’apport partiel d’actif
Projet de traité d’apport partiel d’actif

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