Microfluidic applications

Elveflow® products can be used for a large range of application. Discover some of these applications, as well as dedicated reviews and tutorials.

If you have any question about your specific application, please contact us.

Microfluidic chip Elveflow

Fluid handling

Microfluidics is the science of handling small amounts of liquids, inside micrometer scale channels. Discover how to handle fluids for your microfluidic experiments.
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single cell plug and play microfluidic setup

Cell biology

Microfluidics is widely used to develop tools for cell biology. The micrometer scale of microfluidic devices is particularly adapted to work with cells.
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Droplet generation in microfluidic chip

Droplets generation & manipulation

Droplets-based microfluidics consists in manipulating discrete volumes of fluids in immiscible phase, such as water droplets in oil.
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