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Unsure about your Accessories needs? Try it out!

Confused, not sure, whether you want big or small version of an Elveflow Accessories Kit?
Not sure of the right model?

At Elveflow Accessories, we understand those issues and we  try to help people work with this indecision, so we have a very special service that you are able to use.

You can receive your Elveflow Accessories in your lab, try it out, see if it’s right…
to get the version that fit your needs!

Yes! We want to make sure you have the right microfluidics Accessories Kit! If you are unsure about your piece, you are able to try out in your own lab on your own setup to see if it fits with your own requirements (as this can be different from a setup to another). By taking up this offer we know that you are serious about choosing that microfluidic kit and we want you to feel confident in your decision.

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