ELVEFLOW developed new adapters for microfluidics experiments. Adapters are compatible with some of the most used sample containers of reserachers.  Use low cost and very common tubes for your daily experiment compatible with usual pre-processing methods with easy to handle adapters. Benefit of small and medium reagent consumption.

Microfluidic Reservoir for 1.5 mL Eppendorf® – XS

For the first time our Eppendorf® Microfluidic Tank enables you to use Eppendorf® tubes for your microfluidic experiment. Our microfluidic caps are compatible with both 1,5 and 2mL Eppendorf® tubes.

Since our eppendorf caps are not in contact with liquid you can re-use them without risk of cross-contamination.





BD Falcon® Microfluidic Tank 15mL and BD Falcon® Microfluidic Tank 50 mL

ELVEFLOW has also developed adapters for larger handling volumes. The BD Falcon® Microfluidic Reservoir Kit enables you to use Falcon® tubes for your experiments. This cap is compatible with 15mL Falcon® tubes.

The BD Falcon® caps are also not in contact with liquid you can then re-use them without risk of cross-contamination.