Microfluidic Application Notes

Optical fiber blue

Fiber optic sensor

OptoReader with high photo-detection sensitiviy and optical fiber-based design is the device of choice for working with fiber optic sensors ...
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Fluorescence probe

Fluorescence probe quantification

Fluorescence probe is a robust and highly sensitive approach for detecting trace amount of substance owing to its simplicity and non-invasiveness ...
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Real time fluorescent droplets monitoring

The Opto Reader allows to detect and quantify flowing objects in a given point during microfluidic experiments ...
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Elveflow Microfluidics Bubble Trap

Avoid air bubbles during your microfluidic experiments

Air bubbles are a very common issue for microfluidic experiments. They are very difficult to avoid, and they can be really difficult to remove from the microfluidic device ...
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Microfluidic Droplet in a chip

The application note describes how to generate controlled size microfluidic droplets in a glass microfluidic chip ...
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OEM fluidic components sensors flow pressure level

Pressure sensor Feedback Loop

The aim of this application note is to show how to install the pressure feedback anywhere in your setup ...
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pressure driven flow peristaltic pump

Peristaltic pump compared to pressure driven flow control

How to choose between a syringe pump and pressure control in accordance with your requirements ...
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Optical detection microfluidic application droplets monitoring

Detection of fluorescent droplets using Optoreader

In this application note, we will review the detection of fluorescent droplet using Optoreader ...
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Controlled microfluidic sample injection

The MUX inj is a bidirectional 6-port / 2 position valve allowing to perform switches between two set-up configurations. ...
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Application note cell culture on microfluidic chip microslide 2

Performing live cells assays on chip

This application note presents how to perform cell culture on chip using the Perfusion Pack and the MicroSlides developed by Aline Inc ...
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Microfluidic soft robot Multigait 1

Microfluidic soft-robots

Soft-robotics paves the way to new applications in the field of robotics. This page walk you through realizaiton and control of microfluidic soft-robots ...
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Perfusion Chamber

Using the perfusion pack to perform fast medium switch

How to perform an automated & fast sample switch in a perfusion chamber or microfluidic chip ...
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Flow measurement with flow sensors and smart interface

The aim of this application note is to show how to easily perform a very accurate flow rate measurement ...
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Flow regulation with flow sensors and smart interface

The aim of this application note is to show how to perform easily a very responsive and precise flow rate control ...
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Microfluidic droplet generation flow focusing analysis background threshold

Microfluidic Flow Focusing Droplet generation

This application note focuses active microfluidic flow focusing droplet generation where additional energy input in promoting interfacial instabilities for droplet generation ...
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microfliudics valve


It gives you a total freedom to add up to 16 valves and put there anywhere in your set-up and control them independently and simultaneously. ...
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Microfluidic Perfusion medium switch using IBIDI© chips

Medium switch is widely used in cell biology. One application is the study of cells behavior under given flow conditions for different samples ...
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Rheodyne microfluidic valve bidirectional ten-way injection

This application note aims to help you maintain a controlled flow rate during a flow line switch thanks to the Mux Distributor. ...
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Microfluidic flow control

The OB1® pressure controller has the advantage to be the faster and the most stable of the microfluidic flow controller ...
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microfluidic droplet on demand

Microfluidic Droplets on demand

Active droplet generation in microfluidics is of high interest for a wide range of applications. It provides an additional degree of freedom in manipulating both the size and the formation frequency of micro-droplets ...
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OB1 microfluidic flow control PID

How to choose flow regulation parameters?

This application note describes a simple and fast procedure to determine the optimal PID parameters (Gain and Integration time) in order to perform your microfluidic flow control experiment under the best possible conditions ...
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Flow restriction

Microfluidic Flow Restrictors

This application note shows hot you can easily match the instrument performances to the setup by adding a flow restrictor ...
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Capture d’écran 2018-07-16 à 17.18.59

Microfluidic flow focusing

Hydrodynamic focusing is a powerful tool for microfluidicists that can be used for numerous applications, such as microfluidic mixing, separations, sensors, cell analysis, flow cytometry and microfabrication ...
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Cardiac Pulsation

Microfluidic cardiac cell culture model

This application note proposes a microfluidic cardiac cell culture model (μCCCM) to recreate mechanical loading conditions observed in the native heart (in both normal and pathological conditions) by using an Elveflow OB1 pressure and flow controller ...
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Recirculating perfusion microfluidic system

This application note shows how to easily perform a recirculating perfusion system with an Elveflow® MUX inj ...
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OEM fluidic components sensors flow pressure level

Microfluidic controlled drug switch

This application note shows how to easily perform controlled drug swiches on an hypothetic chemical or biological environment with an Elveflow® MUX ...
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Microfluidic switch for sequential injection

Controlled medium switch on a microfluidic chip

Changing the liquid inside injected inside a microfluidic device has numerous applications, such as sequential sample injection for biochemistry or flow chemistry, or medium switch for cell biology on chip ...
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Pressure driven flow control for Nanofluidics

Pressure driven flow control principle and its advantages for nanofluidics ...
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Microfluidic Zero flow

Microfluidic The Zero Flow

This application note describes how to generate a controlled flow inside a microfluidic chip and stop it completely (zero flow) and instantly ...
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Flow chemistry pack with OB1 MUX distributor Bronkhorst Valves and software

Flow Chemistry and sample preparation

The advent of microfluidics as a tool for chemical synthesis is coming of age, particularly in industrial techniques ...
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Microfluidic chip

Using an Elveflow controller as a syringe pump

This application note describes how to set and monitor a determined liquid flow rate and perform a flow control for your microfluidic experiments by using an Elveflow® pressure & flow control instrument and a flow sensor ...
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microfluidic syringe pump vs flow control

Pressure driven flow control

How to choose between a syringe pump and pressure control depending of your requirements ...
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Droplet generation in microfluidic chip

Digital microfluidics: droplet generation inside a microfluidic chip

Microfluidics allows to produce droplets with a precise control and reproducibility over the experiment's parameters ...
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Microfluidic flow switch

Microfluidic fast medium switch (OB1)

This application note shows how to perform an ultrafast microfluidic medium (drugs, samples, etc) change on an hypothetic chemical or biological environment, performed with an Elveflow® pressure & flow control instrument (OB1) ...
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Fast Microfluidic Medium switch

Microfluidic fast medium switch (OB1+MUX)

This application note shows how to perform an ultrafast microfluidic medium switch (drugs, samples, etc) wihtin a microfluidic device ...
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microfluidic flow switch valve matrix

Review: Fast medium switch OB1 vs. OB1+MUX

Fast medium switch in microfluidic channels is a generally required technique to perform a wide range of biomedical and chemical microfluidic assays ...
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Microfluidic drop collection from capillary

Droplet generation inside a capillary

This application note describes how to generate controlled-size millifluidic droplets in a capillary ...
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