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Our multidisciplinary team provides a wide range of development and services. Our management is based around senior engineers in microfluidics totaling more than 70 peer reviewed publications, 400 citations and 10 microfluidic patents. Short cycle development and matrix management schemes are used to optimize the strengths and resources of the specialized engineers that constitute the microfluidic core of ELVESYS R&D team.

GUILHEM VELVE-CASQUILLAS elveflow microfluidics

Dr. Guilhem Velvé Casquillas

CEO Elvesys & CEO NBIC valley

  • Co-founder of 4 innovative companies
  • Researcher in Cell Biology (Curie)
  • Microfluidics PhD (CNRS – ENS)
  • Electronics engineer (ESIEE)
  • 14 publications- 3 patents – H index 8

Areas of expertise: Entrepreneurship, microfluidics, cell biology

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Dr. Jeremy Cramer

COO Elveflow

  • Cherry Biotech:Founder & CEO

MATHIEU VELVE CASQUILLAS elveflow microfluidics

Mr. Mathieu Velvé Casquillas

Strategy Elveflow Advisor & co-founder

Areas of expertise: Entrepreneurship, Algorithmic, java, J2EE, UML, DB, Marketing

Efic Farrin deputy CEO

Mr. Éric FARIN

Elveflow Deputy CEO

ADRIEN PLECIS elveflow microfluidics

Dr. Adrien Plecis

Elveflow Scientific Advisor & co-founder

  • Head of the biological systems department (DGA – Ministry of Defense)
  • Microfluidics PhD (LPN – CNRS & EPFL)
  • Multidisciplinary engineer – Ecole polytechnique X
  • 13 publications – 4 patents – H index 9

Aeras of expertise: Microfluidics, nanofluidics, physics, molecular biology

MAEL LE BERRE elveflow microfluidics

Dr. Maël Le Berre

Elveflow R&D Advisor & co-founder

  • Post doctoral researcher in Biophysics/Cell Biology (Institut Curie)
  • Microfluidics & Physical Chemistry PhD (ENS Département chimie)
  • Electronics engineer (ESIEE)
  • 27 publications – 8 patents – H index 17

Areas of expertise: Microfluidics, Electronics, Microtechnology, Physics, Physical Chemistry, Biophysics, Cell Biology, Microbiology.

CHRISTOPHE PANNETIER elveflow microfluidics

Christophe Pannetier

Associate & molecular biology division director

  • Colonel (armament) with the french Ministry of Defense.
  • Former Technical area leader for Human Sciences and Protection of the Direction Générale de l’Armement, France.
  • Former Head of the CBRN R&D department of Thales Security Systems.

Areas of expertise : molecular biology, immunology, qPCR, CBRN defense and system engineering


Maude Marejus

CFO Elveflow

EMILIE BROUSSOUX elveflow microfluidics

Emilie Broussoux

HR Director

  • Degree level in Management ( CFA EVE)
  • 2 year vocational degree in beautician ( Private school Catherine Sertin)

Aeras of expertise : administrative, social, financial, management

jc copy

Lucas Saloy

Financial controler

JULIE CAVALLASCA elveflow microfluidics


Communication & Content Manager, Translator

FRANCOIS MAZUEL elveflow microfluidics

Dr. Francois Mazuel

Head of R&D and Production

  • MBA from Collège des Ingénieurs
  • PhD in NanoBioPhysics from Paris Diderot University
  • Master of Science in Physics of complex systems and fluids from ENS
  • Engineer from ESPCI Paris

5 publications
Areas of expertise: Physics, Biophysics, Nanotechnologies

NIELS JUNIUS elveflow microfluidics

Dr. Niels Junius

R&D and Software Engineer

  • PhD in Physics for Life Sciences, CEA, IBS, Grenoble, France
  • Master of Medical Physics, Paris-Sud University, France


Areas of expertise: Microfluidics, Protein Crystallization, Instrumentation, Programmings





Dr. Julia Sepulveda

International Partnership Leader

  • 4-year post-doctoral appointment at the Brain and Spine Institute (ICM), France
  • PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of East Paris-Créteil, France
  • Master in Biochemistry from the Center for Research and Advanced Studies, Mexico
  • Chemical Engineering degree from the Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Mexico
 15 publications- 1 patent- H index 4
Areas of expertise: Engineering, Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Applied research, International grants and funding


Dr. Aurélie Vigne

Scientific Director, Microfluidics

  • PhD in Droplet-based microfluidics (France-Scotland) from the University of Bordeaux, France
  • Double Master Degree in Fundamental Physics in Atomic physics and molecular, condensed matter and optic from the University Claude Bernard Lyon (France) and the University of Wuhan (China)
  • Bachelor degree in Physical Chemistry from the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France
    Areas of expertise: Droplet-based microfluidics, Fluorescence detection and Acoustofluidcs.




LYDIE JEUX elveflow microfluidics

Dr. Lydie Jeux

Head of R&D projects in microfluidic applied to biology

  • Clinical Research Associate (Mediaxe Formation)
  • Research engineer (CNRS)
  • PhD in Immunology-Oncology (Medicine Faculty of Limoges)
Areas of expertise: clinical trials, cellular and molecular biology, immunology, oncology, physiology/physiopathology, pharmacology, neurosciences




ALEXANDRA BOUSSOMMIER elveflow microfluidics

Alexandra Boussommier


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Cancer Research Institute Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • Imperial College London – Graduate Research Assistant
Areas of expertise: biomedical engineering, fluorescence microscopy, life sciences




REMIGIJUS VASILIAUSKAS elveflow microfluidics

Dr. Remigijus Vasiliauskas

Research Associate

  • R&D Engineer in Digital Microfluidics
  • Post-Doc in Digital Microfluidics and Drug Delivery (Vilnius University, Lithuania)
  • PhD in Physics (Linkoping University, Sweden)
  • Master of Science in Material Sciences (Vilnius University, Lithuania)

27 publications, 320 citations, h-index 12

Areas of expertise: Digital Microfluidics, Microtechnology, Soft Litography, Semiconductor Technology and Sensors.




ILARIA BASSANI elveflow microfluidics

Dr Ilaria Bassani

Research Associate

  • PhD in bioenergy and microbial ecology at Denmark Technical University (DTU)
  • Medical and pharmaceutical biotechnologist at University of Pavia, Italy

Areas of expertise : Molecular biology and clinical and environmental microbiology

JOHN O'CONNOR elveflow microfluidics

Dr. John O’Connor

Research Associate

  • PhD – Microfluidics & Heat Transfer (University of Limerick –

4 Publications – H index 3

Areas of expertise: Thermal Management, Fluid Mechanics, Product Development, Numerical Modeling, and Mechanical Engineering




SISI LI elveflow microfluidics

Dr. Sisi LI

PI of Marie Curie Individual Fellowship

  • Research fellow of NTU & SIMTech, A*STAR, Singapore
  • PhD & Postdoc of CNRS-ENS-UMPC, France

14 publications- 2 patents- H index 7

Areas of expertise: Microfluidics, Micro & Nanoengineering of cell microenvironment, Cell biology, MEMS, Biomaterials




ALEX MCMILLAN elveflow microfluidics

Alex Mcmillan

Research Associate

  • Division Business Manager – Darwin Microfluidics
  • Master of Engineering – Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Edinburgh

14 publications- 2 patents- H index 7

Areas of expertise: Data Analysis, Microfluidics, Computer-Aided Design (CAD)




JULIEN SOTO-VELASCO elveflow microfluidics

Julien Soto Velasco

Production Manager

  • Bachelor of science in electricity, electronics with optoelectronics major – Paris-Sud University (Paris-Saclay)
  • Two-year technical degree in instrumental optics.

Areas of expertise :  optics, electronics




JULIEN LEBLANC elveflow microfluidics

Julien Leblanc

Industrialization Manager

  • DUT Chemical Engineering + Licence industrialization & Process Development
  • Production Line Manager (TE Connectivity)

Areas of expertise : production management, conception (AutoCad), Lean managment,  industrialization

JESUS SEGURA PUERTOLAS elveflow microfluidics

Jesus Segura Puertolas

Production technician

FABIEN CRESPO elveflow microfluidics

Mr. Fabien CRESPO

Head of Business Excellence

Area of expertise: microfluidics, physics

GUILLAUME COLAS elveflow microfluidics

Dr. Guillaume Colas

Customer Success Manager

  • Biotechnology & microfluidic PhD
  • Master of innovation & valorisation in medical science
  • Master of science in biology  & biotechnology

Areas of expertise: Microfluidics, Bioengineering, Cellular and Molecular biology, Microtechnology

JULIEN RIDOUARD elveflow microfluidics

Julien Ridouard

Graphic Designer

  • Graphic design
  • Fundamental physics
  • Science communication
Areas of expertise: graphic design, UI & UX, science communication, fundamental physics




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