OEM & Custom Fluidic Systems

At Elveflow, we specialize in high performance fluidic solutions. Our instruments and custom fluidic solutions are used worldwide by hundreds of academic laboratories and industrial partners. We don’t only design and manufacture high precision instruments, we also create custom solutions fitted to the specific needs of our industrial partners.

We have a holistic approach and master all the skills necessary to build strong and powerful fluidic solutions. We have expertise in all the components that can be integrated to a complete fluidic solution: pumps, valves & manifolds, sensors, labs-on-chips, and optical systems.

If you are looking for a trusted partner for your fluidic project, our engineers will be glad to discuss your project. We provide a wide range of solutions, starting from high precision instruments and OEM components for complete and custom solutions.

OEM Custom Fluidic Systems
Why work with us

Our team of specialists has expertise in fluidic, flow chemistry, life science, optics and microfluidics. We will understand your project and its specific requirements.

We are well aware you are working in a competitve market. We always do the maximum to meet our partners financial expectations.

Our OEM components are available with very short lead times. And we strive for efficiency, so we are not afraid of custom development projects with short deadlines!

We always design our products keeping in mind that you need robust, performant, and easy to integrate components.

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Fluidic OEM Components

ELVELOW provides a comprehensive line of OEM fluidic components that can be integrated into your products. Our OEM components allow a seamless integration thanks to their compactness and easy interfacing. A simple serial USB connection allows interfacing through our API, the native in/out triggers provide optimum interactions and we use standard fittings for pneumatic and fluidic connections.

We provide a dedicated software with all fluidic OEM products, as well as libraries for a customized software development (C DLLs, Python library, MATLAB library and LABVIEW library).

OEM fluidic systems for high precision flow control

The first requirement for a performant fluidic system is a high precision flow control system. ELVEFLOW provides pressure driven flow control systems.

This technology, derived from the aeronautic industry, offers the best performances for fluid dispensing. Thanks to its piezo electric technology, these fluidic components allow to dispense gas or liquid with a perfect stability over a wide range of flow rates. Contact us for more information.

Piezo electric technology
From 1 to 256 independent channels
Highly customizable: different pressure ranges available for each outlets
Large operating flow range: from nL/min to 60 L/min*
Compact system for a seamless integration
Software & Developper kit included

*depending on your setup

OEM fluidic components sensors flow pressure level

For all your liquid handling applications, we provide a complete product line. Our valves can be mounted on a manifold for sample injection, collection or mutiplexing. These valve systems are designed with the specific requirements for fluidic applications in mind: low internal volumes, high chemical compliance, low displacement, no backflow and fast flow switch.

We also offer custom manifolds designed to adapt our product to your project. Contact us for more information

2/2 valves
3/2 valves
Rotative valves
OEM fluidic components sensors flow pressure level

We provide a large range of sensors for all your fluidic applications. These sensors are designed to fit the most demanding applications. Our fluidic sensors have low internal volumes, a wide chemical compatibility and offer excellent performances in term of precision and robustness.

All our sensors are available with our without PCB card, depending on your project’s needs. Contact us for more information

Pressure sensors
Flow sensors
Liquid level sensors
OEM optical systems for fluidic applications

Elveflow builds and manufactures optical and fluorescent detectors fitted to fluidic application constraints. They are faster, more sensitive and cost efficient than conventionnal microscopes. They are thus a smart alternative to integrate into your fluidic projects requiring fluorescent or optical detection (droplets handlings, cell or objects counting and sorting…). Contact us for more information

Fast acquisition
High sensitivity
Possibility to measure both fluorescence and reflection
Versatile integration
OEM fluidic lab on chips

For specific fluidic applications requiring a lab on chip (microreactors for flow chemistry, diagnostics applications, drug screeening…) we provide different solutions, according to your needs. We can either provide you with chips and cartridges, or help you install a microfabrication facility and train you on these processes. Contact us for more information

Fluidic Path Solutions

At Elveflow, we strongly believe that customer service is what makes us different from other fluidic components manufacturers. Our engineers are always available to discuss your project and decide with you which fluidic components will allow you to reach your goals with maximum performances.

Moreover, we provide a wide product range to help you design a complete fluidic path. Do not hesitate to contact us and discover how we can fix your fluidic issues.


Custom Fluidics

For more ambitious fluidic projects, we provide extensive development services, from advising and design to prototyping and even industrialization. With tens of new products on the market during the last two years, we have all the knowledge and facilities to make your project a success.

Our engineers work together in interdisciplinary teams and our project managers will provide you with experienced-based guidance all the way to the final result. By centralizing our expertise, and thanks to an efficient and fast communication, we are able to translate your ideas into a product within a short time frame. We are available for our partners at any time.

Working with us allows you to move resources away from technical developments and focus on innovation.

Why choose us as OEM partner?

Benefit from our expertise – Our management is based on senior engineers, and we launched up to 15 new fluidic products in the last 4 years. Our R&D team is familiar with the challenge of industrializing a new product and will provide you with advice and guidance.

A receptive and efficient partner – We are well aware of the importance of keeping up with the fast-changing market you want to address.  At Elveflow, we are driven by a reactive and efficient project management. You are ensured that your projects are delivered on time and match your requirements.

A soft intellectual property policy – We believe that intellectual property should never be an obstacle to innovation. With our open-source philosophy, you are able to integrate our OEM fluidic solutions to your products and easily patent your innovation.

A trusted manufacturer –  High profile companies, such as Alphabet, Facebook, Medtronic, Total, Sanofi or Biomerieux already trust us for their scientific instruments. Why not you?

A proven track record –  We already carried out successfully several projects tacking into account challenging constrains to end up with the best solutions for our partner.

Personalized expert advice for our clients and partners
Creation of technical specification
Risk management and analysis
Development and production of mechanics, electronics and software
Beta testing, trouble shooting and continuous improvement
Production, from limited series to large scale
Maintenance, support and training
Upgrades of your systems

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