Equinox increase plasma vaccum control

EQUINOX - Upgrade your Harricks plasma cleaner


> Automatic control of plasma pressure

> Reproducible plasma treatment

> Compatible with all Harricks plasma cleaners

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Manual tuning of the Harricks plasma chamber pressure leads to weak reproducibility and remain the main reason of plasma treatment failure.

Equinox automatically controls the pressure of your Harricks plasma chamber to quickly reach and accurately keep the required pressure.

How it works

The pressure is automatically set thanks to the electro valve and the gauge controller.
The precision depends on the suction power of the pump and thus depends on each installation but the Equinox can be adjusted to each situation during the installation to offer an accurate set more or less 50mTorr.

Maintenance and hazard

Equinox gathers really tough tools and almost none maintenance is required. The pressure control is guaranteed thanks to an electro valve that can handle 250 million of cycles and thus promises a long life time. The only maintenance operation is to change periodically the air filter if you use ambiant air such as gas.


Fast pressure set:

The pressure will stabilize from the atmosphere to around 500 mTorr under 1 minutes.

Easy to use:

Switch on the pump and that’s it. No need of intervention after saving the set point pressure.


The stability can be adjusted to the equipment and the pressure kept at +/- 50mTorr.


Do you need to modify your plasma treatment process ? Change the plasma pressure set-point in 30 seconds for all your following experiment.

Majors strengths

  • Easy to use and set vacuum point.
  • Two possible recordable set points.
  • Automatic regulation.
  • Adjustable inlet fluidic resistance to adjust the precision at the installation.
  • Numeric vacuum gauge.
  • Three different pressure units.

Equinox specifications

Weight 0.8kg (1.8lbs)
Power supply 110V or 230V; 50/60Hz
Dimension (HxWxD) 70x160x160 (in mm)
Pressure unit Torr; mBar; kPa

Bored of plasma treatment failure ?

Equinox ensures you to keep the best plasma treatment condition overtime.

Equinox offers you to easily control your vacuum level inside your Harricks plasma chamber. Indeed, contrary to a manual vacuum gauge where the laps time can be as long as several minutes, Equinox enables a stable and fast set to the right pressure.

Equinox can be used with several gas and directly with air, a necessary 5µm filter is added when working with ambient air, to guarantee a clean air.


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