Is your syringe pump the best labmate ?

Syringe pumps are among the most used systems to handle fluids in microfluidic devices and chambers.

However, do you really know the flow rate in your system ?

The flow rate in your device is regularly affected by a number of syringe pumps drawbacks as

  • Poor response time and residual flows due to deformable tubings
  • Limited perfusion time experiments and necessity for syringe replacement
  • Flow rate oscillations at low flow rate due to step by step pushing / refilling
  • Uncontrollable fluctuations due to micro-bubbles / frictions in the syringe pistons

For better performances, reproducible results and enhanced user experience choose the latest OB1 piezo-resistive technology !

microfluidic syringe pump flow controller flow sensor pressure controller nanofluidic (1)

microfluidic syringe pump flow controller flow sensor pressure controller nanofluidic (2)

Take advantage of the latest advances in micro-flow control

microfluidic syringe pump flow controller flow sensor pressure controller nanofluidic (3)

microfluidic syringe pump flow controller flow sensor pressure controller nanofluidic (5)

microfluidic syringe pump flow controller flow sensor pressure controller nanofluidic (6)

Like them, choose the performance of the ELVEFLOW piezo technology


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Microfluidic Pressure controller OB1 MK3

Piezo electric microfluidics flow control


The piezoelectric technologies used in the OB1 Mk3 provide the world’s most accurate flow control for your microfluidic experiment.

New 2015 feature : Pressure & Vacuum on the same channel, the OB1 is the only flow control instrument that allows you to control both pressure and vacuum on the same channel. For example, this feature enables you to precisely control the position of an object inside a microfluidic channel.