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microfluidc flow control softwareDiscover the last version of our microfluidic software coupled with the unequaled performance of our microfluidic flow controller.

heartbeat_excel+ ESI software for microfluidic flow control and pressure control text

ESI – Elveflow smart interface

Thanks to an intuitive interface, this application allows microfluidicists to use Elveflow® products from the simplest command for beginners to complex manipulations for experts… Read more

OB1 MkII – microlfuidic flow control 

Elveflow® provides the only microfluidic flow control system using Piezo technology and enables a blazing fast flow change in your microdevice, for a wide variety of microfluidic applications … Read more

The heartbeat experiment, load your own data files and obtain customized flow profiles

heartbeat_excel+ ESI software for microfluidic flow control and pressure control

The new version of ESI software enable you to load your own data files in order to obtain customized pressure or flow profiles. CSV or tab-separated files (easily exported from a spreadsheet processor) can be used. The data is automatically normalized and you can select the pressure/flow ranges and duration of the curves for each channel independently.

The phase of each curve can also be modified in the ESI so as to better synchronize the events occuring in your microfluidic chip. And all that can be done live, while you perform your experiment!

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