Piezo electric microfluidics flow control

Pressure stability: 0.005 % – Sensor resolution: 0.006 %
Settling time:
 40 ms – Response time: 9 ms



The best performance of the market


No pulsation with high and low flow rates


Elveflow software: easy to use and powerful

New 2017: Pressure & Vacuum from -900mb to 6000mb on the same channel.

Elveflow® provides the only microfluidic flow control system in the world to use patented piezoelectric regulators, enabling a flow control that is 20 times more precise and 10 times faster than the other flow controllers on the market. You will never be limited by flow control factors in your experiments.

Our system is scalable & customizable (OEM version) and allows you to control up to 4 channels independently, from -1 to 8 bar for a wide variety of advanced microfluidic applications

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Piezo electric microfluidics flow control


Pressure stability: 0.005 % | Sensor resolution: 0.006 % | Settling time: 40 ms | Response time: 9 ms


OB1 microfluidic flow control 4 channels zoom

Ranges & ConfigurationsWarranty-OB1-microfluidic-flow-controller

microfluidic flow control pressure range

Range Choose the number of independent channels from 1 to 4 and mix any combination of pressure range on the same OB1.

200 mbar |  2 bar | 8 bar | -900mb/+1bar |  -900mb/+6bar

Pressure & Vacuum The OB1 is the only flow control instrument that allows you to control pressure & vacuum on the same channel. For example, this feature enables you to precisely control the position of an object within a microfluidic channel.OEM microfluidic flow control

Performance Pack In-house piezoelectric optimization & calibration and a challenging bench testing of technical features enabling such performances.

Fully customizable & OEM The OB1 Mk3 can be modified to fit almost all specific microfluidic requirements. An OEM version is available and can decide to upgrade your system at any time.

Software & SDKMicrolfuidic-flow-control-software-Screen-300x204

Easy to use & powerful Elveflow software full suite, which enables you to control your experiment in one click and to monitor reservoir levels, flow levels and injected volumes. Synchronize the Elveflow instruments in your system with a few simple clicks in order to fully automate your setup.

Complex fluidic profiles Create, monitor and modify in real-time complex pressure and flow rate profiles such as sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, or sawtooth…

Complete setup synchronisation The OB1 Mk3 is equipped with internal & external trigger connectors and can thus be synchronized with any other Elveflow® product, a microscope or any electrical instrument… and enables the synchronization of up to 16 instruments simultaneously.

Flow Rate Control & PID

OB1 microfluidic flow control PIDThe flow control mode (OB1 + flow sensor) enables rapid and precise regulation of the flow rate. With the OB1, you only have to calibrate your flow sensors once and it will function with any chip and any setup. In addition, the consistent speed of our pressure controllers means you no longer have to choose between speed and precision, even when working with multiple dependent channels.

Flow rate control (optional)microfluidic-flow-sensor-31-300x231

Each channel of your OB1 Mk3 pressure controller can be coupled with a flow sensor. Using our feedback loop, you can monitor and control flow rate in your microfluidic setup while keeping stability and responsiveness of pressure driven flows. The OB1 Mk3 technology enables fast pressurization of tanks up to 1 liter and enables you to set up long term microfluidic experiments.


2_Year_Warranty_elveflow-OB1-microfluidic-flow-controllerYou can create your own Elveflow® pressure controller using various options:

  • Each outlet can be coupled with an additional flow meter.
  • Each pressure outlet can be set with a specific maximum pressure range: (200 mbar, 2 bar, 8 bar, -900mb/+1bar,  -900mb/+6bar)
  • The OB1 Mk3  pressure controller can be prepared with up to 4 independent pressure control units.

New OB1 MK3: Covers a pressure control range from -900 mbar to 8 bar.

The following table summarizes the main features of the Elveflow® OB1 Mk3 pressure controller. To provide quality & performance, all of our instruments are tested and calibrated independently (response time, stability, repeatability… ) and all result charts are stored.


According to Elveflow® product code convention, «OB1 Mk3 200» stands for an Elveflow® pressure controller consisting of 4 units with 200 mbar of maximal output pressure. «OB1 Mk3  Mix» means an Elveflow® pressure controller with mixed output pressures. Due to the physical compliance of your fluidic systems, performances can change from one researcher’s setup to another.

USB pressure controller software module

Microlfuidic flow control software ScreenElveflow® instruments are assembled around a software application that facilitates the switch from one instrument to another. Thanks to an intuitive interface, the Elveflow® Smart Interface enables the use of Elveflow® instruments from the simplest commands for beginners to the most complex manipulations for experts… read more

Control your experiments through C, Python, Matlab®, Labview® or the Elveflow® Smart Interface. The Elveflow® Smart Interface is a software application offering all the functionalities that microfluidicists need.

> Pressure control :
The pressure can be easily adjusted for up to 4 independent channels.

> Configurations :
Store up to 4 different pressure configurations and switch from one to another in a second.

> Edit functions :
Complex pressure and flow rate profiles such as ramp, sine, square and triangle can be defined.

> Flow control :
When used with a flow sensor, a feedback loop with adaptable sensors allows for a direct flow rate control.

> Display & save data :
Real time pressure and flow rate are monitored and can be saved for later studies.

> Elveflow® Smart Interface :
When used with a flow sensor, a feedback loop with adaptable parameters facilitates a direct flow rate control.

Microfluidic Ressources

> Testimonials

> Publications

> Applications Notes

> About Performance


2 years waranty

Each one of our instruments goes through a demanding test before being sold. This challenging process minimizes after sale service and allows us to offer a two year warranty.

Wide range of applications

  • Digital microfluidics: micro-droplets, anisotropic particles, double emulsion generation & handling
  • Bead and particle manipulation
  • Fast liquid sample switching
  • Cell culture experiments


OB1 microfluidic flow control 4 channels zoom

  1. PRESSURE SUPPLY: Connect a dry, dust and oil free pressure source to your instrument.
  2. MONITORING: Control the pressure and flow rate using the Elveflow Smart Interface on your computer. This software enables you to create and run sequences with a specific pressure or flow rate profile
  3. SAMPLE: Pressurize liquids inside tanks with your OB1 Mk3. (compatible with Eppendorf, Falcon or bottle )
  4. CHIP: Pressurized liquids are smoothly and precisely injected onto your chip according to the set pressure or flow rate profile.

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