Soft lithography reviews and tutorials


Introduction about soft lithography

The soft lithography is widely used since the beginning of 2000s to create microfluidics chips in PDMS, it's a rapid and efficient way to create prototype mainly for research ...
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How to choose your instruments

How to choose your instrument to have a complete working set to achieve efficient photolithography process? - Plasma cleaner - Hot plate - UV Lamp - Spin coater ...
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How to get the best process

How do you do to have the best photolithography process? Here you will find tricks and tips for the main step such as, spin coating, baking, exposure, bonding ...
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Microfluidic device fabrication

The microfluidic devices have been called like that because at least one of the dimensions is micro metric and so it exists a lot of differents kinds of devices made thanks to different kinds of processes ...
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