A short review about new era NE-1002X microfluidic syringe pump

introduction about new era NE-1002X 

Outside of New Era NE-1002-X  Syringe-pumpconventional syringe pump which generate flow oscillation at low flow rate and long settling time we can now found syringe pump dedicated to microfluidic experiment. In theory a microfluidic syringe pump do not generate visible flow oscillation even at low flow rate. To learn more about syringe pump and microfluidic and how to optimize their eventual side effects read our tutorial about the use of syringe pump in microfluidics. The NE- 1002X syringe pump from New Era is , to our knowledge, the cheaper microfluidic syringe pump for microfluidic.  It is available now at Darwin Microfluidics (Darwin Microfluidics also offers a wide range of other syringe pumps and flow control solutions for microfluidics).

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Flow oscillation and stability

a-conventionnal-infinite-screw-just-because-it-is-a-nice-picture-150x150Lets come back to flow oscillation, contrary to the Cellix Exigo, New Era do not provide in their datasheet the minimum pulseless flow rate of their pump.

We can found in their datasheet the minimum flow rate they can reach depending of the syringe diameter and the New Era 1002X can reach flow rate down to 14nL/hr with a 1mL BD syringe to 0,008 nL/hr with an 1µL Hamilton glass Microliter syringe.

The New Era 1002X syringe pump use step motor with 400step per lead screw revolution which is clearly lower than the Cellix one ( 250 000 steps ), The new Era also use a 25:1 gear box. The minimum advance per step is comprised between 4,2 nm and 34 nm depending on motor speed.


Response time and settling time

Contrary to Cellix Exigo syringe pump the New Era syringe pump does not include a flow rate feedback loop to fasten flow switch in your microfluidic device. If you want more information about how to reduce flow oscillation and slow responsiveness of your syringe pump discover our tutorial about the use of syringe pump in microfluidic.

Additional information about New Era NE-1002-X syringe pump

Front Panel control

Contrary to Cellix Exigo syringe pump you can control the New Era syringe pump using front panel control.


Contrary to Cellix Exigo syringe pump, The New Era syringe pump do not provide software but only a terminal emulator and programming libraries. The new Era syringe pump provides a RS-232 port for programming.

External trigger

The pump include internal and external trigger for synchronization with other instruments

If you want more information about the New Era NE 1002 X  syringe pump, you can contact Barry Cowen from syringepump.com or contact us.

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