Stability of microfluidic flow control instrument

Flow control stability measurement and comparisons

OB1-microfluidic-Pressure-controller-MK3-300x216The performance of your microfluidic flow control instruments depends on your experimental conditions (volume tank, output pressure, PC configuration, operating system, microfluidic setup … ). Our microfluidic specialists will gladly advise you on choosing the best equipment for your needs.

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OB1 MkII Piezo technology VS. Electromechanic technology

OB1 MkII typical stability**: 0.005% s.d.

Pressure stability over time at 150 mBar OB1 200 mBar output (2 mL output volume) and electro-mechanical technology (2 mL output volume)

microfluidic flow control stability Piezo technology

* Output Stability measured at 150 mBar with an external high accuracy pressure sensor (Druck DPI150)

** Short term stability measured for 1 min with a high accuracy sensor (Druck DPI150), excluding long term drift due to aging and environmental factor variations.

OB1 MkII stability- Real output pressure and internal pressure sensor

For demanding microfluidic researchers, maintaining a stable flow in their chip is essential – the pressure stability in a microchip is directly related to flow stability in the microchannel.

With the OB1, you will get a flow stability that is 20 times higher than other existing technologies available for microfluidic research (0.005% of the full scale).

Note that the pressure value which is displayed in your Elveflow software provides a visual indicator of the applied pressure changes.

The OB1 MKII internal pressure sensor used by the Elveflow software to display pressure has an additional electronic noise (0.05%) which does not rely on a real output pressure variation. As shown in the figure below, pressure noise in your microfluidic device will be 10 times less than the pressure displayed in your Elveflow interface.

microfluidic flow control stability

* Output Stability measured at 150 mBar with an external high accuracy pressure sensor (Druck DPI150) simultaneously displayed with the Elveflow interface monitoring.

Microfluidic Pressure controller OB1 MK3

Piezo electric microfluidics flow control


The piezoelectric technologies used in the OB1 Mk3 provide the world’s most accurate flow control for your microfluidic experiment.

New 2015 feature : Pressure & Vacuum on the same channel, the OB1 is the only flow control instrument that allows you to control both pressure and vacuum on the same channel. For example, this feature enables you to precisely control the position of an object inside a microfluidic channel.