Microfluidics Interviews - Microfluidics viewed by researchers


Elveflow is releasing a series of videos of microfluidics interviews. We aim to think out of the box and are here addressing unconventional topics. We focus on the person and highlight questions about why they ended up working using microfluidics, what is driving them in their daily work or how they foresee the future of this science.

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The first series of interviews were shot in Paris at the Flow17 conference in July 2017. The teaser gives you a glimpse of what is coming next !

Microfluidics Interviews – Teaser

Prof. Albert Folch, UW Department of Bioengineering

Prof. S. Pushpavanam, IIT Madras

Prof. D. Fairhurst, Nottingham Trent University

J. Decock, Laboratoire du futur CNRS, Solvay

Stephan Herminghaus, University of Göttingen

Jean-François Louf, Université Grenoble Alpes

Armaghan Fakhfouri, Monash University

Stijn Van Pelt, Eindhoven University of Technology

B. Quach, Cornell University

Long Pham, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Alexandra Boussommier, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT

Greg Nordin, Brigham Young University

Danny Midkiff, North Carolina State University

Robbie Epps, North Carolina State University, NCSU

Burcu Gumuscu, University of California, Berkeley

Jan Dziuban, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

More to come


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