Which Connector should you use between your Chip and your Tubing ?

Elveflow-Microfluidic-Accessories-Choose-Fittings-ConnectorsIt is no secret that in mirofluidics as in other fields, sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference. We all have better things to do than waste our precious time to deal with leakage, dead volume and bubbles problems. Having microfluidic connections that are reliable and easy to operate is a first step towards success. Because this saves your precious time and allows you to focus on your science and things that really matter.

Various microfluidic connection types are used depending on the device used, or chip type.
The following table summarizes the connection and fittings types commonly used in microfluidic setups:

Connector Comments
Homemade PDMS chip
inch (mm)
  • 1/16 tubing direct connection,
  • Steel Fluidic Couplers for 1/16 tubing
Microfluidic ChipShop Chips
  • Luer Lok,
  • Labsmith CapTite,
  • Upchurch Nanoport,
  • Standard Connectors
Micronit Microfluidics Chips
  • Fluidic Connect PRO
  • Proprietary Connectors
Syringe Pumps
  • 23 G fitted Connectors
Elveflow Pressure Control Instruments
(AF1, OB1)
Elveflow Flow Switch Matrixes
(MUX series)
Elveflow Accessories
(Reservoirs, Manifolds)

Which Connector & Tubing suits you best ?

Microfluidic-Connectors-Fittings-Tubings-Adapters-The-SleevesMicrofluidc connectors can be used with various tubing sizes and types, using the corresponding connector.

Choosing the right connector for a particular application, can easily turn into a waste of time, but once again, we’ve done the job so that you can focus on your science and reach next step faster!


The following table is a quick guide showing which connectors are provided with Elveflow instruments and Elveflow Accessory kits, providing an immediate read on what connectors and tubing are required to secure the fluidic path between your instrument and your chip.

Microfluidic Device type Elveflow Accessory kits
Using 10-32 Connectors
Using 1/4-28″ Connectors
Using Luer Lock Fittings


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