Microfluidics for DNA analysis_DNA

Microfluidics for DNA analysis

This review presents the main applications of microfluidics for molecular analysis and its numerous techniques for DNA analysis ...
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Microfluidic low-flow liquid flow meter : a review

Liquid flow sensors are compulsory element of microfluidic systems requiring a control of the sample volume dispensed and/or, obviously, the sample flow rate ...
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microfluidic interview

Microfluidics interviews

Elveflow releases a serie of microfluidics interwiews. The purpose is to highlight microfluidic application and how stakeholders ended working in this area ...
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Microfluidic PCR, qPCR, RT-PCR & qRT-PCR_PCR & DNA polymerase

Microfluidic PCR & qPCR

In this review, we will present the PCR, qPCR and other associated methods with their microfluidic applications ...
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Droplet-Sequencing (Drop-Seq)

Drop-Seq is a strategy based on the use of microfluidics for quickly profiling thousands of individual cells simultaneously by encapsulating them in tiny droplets for parallel analysis. This review presents the techniques and applications of Drop-Seq ...
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Silicon microfluidic chip for microfluidics

Microfluidics: A general overview of microfluidics

Microfluidics is both the science which studies the behaviour of fluids through micro-channels and the technology of manufacturing microminiaturized devices containing chambers and tunnels through which fluids flow or are confined ...
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Soft Robot – A review

Soft robotics is a growing field which relies on mimicking locomotion mechanisms of soft bodies existing in nature to achieve smooth and complex motion. This review presents the different techniques and applications of soft robotics ...
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Digital microfluidics emulsion science droplet generation

Digital microfluidics: microfluidic droplet and emulsion science

microfluidic technologies offer an efficient means of producing highly uniform droplets and bubbles, and also a convenient mechanism for manipulating their downstream motion ...
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Microreactors & Microfluidics in Chemistry – a Review

This review introduces the field of microfluidics and provides an overview of the advantages, disadvantages, and current applications of microfluidics in chemistry ...
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Materials for Microfluidic Chips-introduction


Microfluidic involves different types of devices, and materials for microfluidic fabrications must be selected while bearing in mind all the requirements necessary for building a fine microfluidic device ...
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fluorescence detection for microfluidic device 131

Fluorescence reader for microfluidic qPCR

qPCR can be performed using the FluoReader with x10 SNR ...
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Microfluidic group

Microfluidic research groups

Here is a list of leading microfluidic research groups. This list is not exhaustive and the goal is to provide the visitor an overview of state of the art research and hot topics in the area ...
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MICROFLUIDIC PAPER-BASED ANALYTICAL DEVICES-What are microfluidic paper-based analytical devices

Paper microfluidic devices : A review 2017

Diagnosis is the first step in treating any disease, and paper microfluidic devices can facilitate this crucial step. Most of the time, this necessary task is ...
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Microrheology – A review

Microrheology is a technique used to measure the rheological properties of a medium, such as viscosity and viscoelasticity. This short review is presenting the different techniques and applications ...
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OB1 MK3 microfludic flow controller

How to choose the right microfluidic flow control system?

Each kind of microfluidic flow control system has advantages and drawbacks depending on the specific microfluidic applications. In this tutorial, we will study the strengths and weaknesses of each type of microfluidic flow control system ...
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Air bubbles and microfluidics

Air bubbles are among the most recurring issues in microfluidics. Because of the micrometric dimensions of the tubes and channels ...
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syringe pump oscillation

stability of microfluidic flow control instrument

The performance of your flow control instruments depends on your experimental conditions ...
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free copyright Glass- aSI-Glass chip with nanochannel embedded zoom

Magnetic particle separation : a short review

This review presents a few examples of applications where magnetic flux sources, magnetic particles and microfluidics are combined in order to perform particle sorting and handling ...
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pyright microfluidic device micro thermal conductimeterpyright microfluidic device micro thermal conductimeter

Electrochemistry and Microfluidics : A short review

Electrochemical detection is particularly suitable for lab-on-a-chip integration and microfluidics due to the versatility of size, geometry and nature of electrodes that can be integrated within a microfluidic platform, and to the minimum instrumentation it requires. ...
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syringe pump

Syringe pumps and microfluidics 2014

In the past two years, several new microfluidic syringe pump systems have changed the use of syringe pumps in microfluidic experiments ...
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syringe pump oscillation 23

Tricks and Tips to Enhance your Microfluidic Flow Control

Despite their sturdiness & simplicity, syringe pumps are often problematic in microfluidics ...
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OB1 MK3 microfludic flow control system seb flou

Responsiveness of flow control instruments

Microfluidic flow controllers are designed to control flows onto microfluidic chips. ...
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Microfluidics gradient

Generate gradient in a microfluidic chip

Microfluidics enables to control chemical environment around cells with an higher spatio-temporal resolution than conventional gradient generator. Chemical gradients generated with microfluidic device can be changed in seconds and can reach sub-cellular resolution ...
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droplet microfluidic

Generate droplets in microfluidic capillary

We focus here on how to make droplets with commercial tools, especially chromatography tools like cross or a T junctions ...
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free copyright mercury dropplet on microfluidic device electrowetting

Digital microfluidics using pressure driven flow

Making droplets in a capillary or a microfluidic device often meets two problems ...
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Researchers’ opinion on droplet generation in microfluidics: syringe pumps or pressure control?

Droplet generation in microfluidic, the aim of this technology is to create fluid-fluid dispersion into channels ...
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free copyright microfluidic researcher

Researchers’ opinion on flow control for microfluidics

One of the great challenges of researchers using microfluidics is miniaturizing analysis processes in very small microchip. ...
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microfluidic switch valves

PDMS Quake valves and co : a review

PDMS pneumatic microvalves are based on the pressure-driven deformation of a soft material (generally PDMS) that clogs or releases liquid flows into microsystems ...
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Microfluidic Droplets in capillary

What is digital microfluidics?

Digital microfluidics is an alternative technology for microfluidic systems based on the design, composition and manipulation of discrete droplets and/or bubbles ...
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free copyright microfluidic device on microscope with fluidic connection and chip holder

Flow control in microfluidic devices

There are three main classes of systems to control liquid motion in microfluidic and nanofluidic devices ...
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Microfluidic mixers : a short review

In microfluidic laminar flows, traditional turbulent mixing between two liquids cannot occur. However, controllable and fast mixing is critical for microfluidic and lab-on-chip devices. So different mixing techniques were developed and are here presented ...
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opyright microfluidic device for stamping gradient

Generate gradient in a microfluidic chip

hemical control of the environment of cells is crucial for cell biology. ...
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PDMS microfluidic chip

PDMS: A review

Polydimethylsiloxane called PDMS or dimethicone is a polymer widely used for the fabrication and prototyping of microfluidic chips ...
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Microfluidics and microfluidic devices: a review

Microfluidics is the science that deals with the flow of liquid inside micrometer-size channels ...
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Microfluidic Chip Elveflow Trident

Fittings & Tubing Resources

Which Connector should you use between your Chip and your Tubing ? ...
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