Setup : OB1 flow controller + Mux Wire + Valves 3/2

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Your needs

Mux Wire facilities

Plug and control up to 16 valves
Provide power supply up to 35W
Possibility to switch as many valves you want simultaneously
10 ms switch time precision (The total switch time depends of your valve, 20 ms for Elveflow© valve)
Intuitive Elveflow smart interface software provided


The MUX Wire enables you to host up & control many valves of your choice

It gives you a total freedom to add up to 16 valves and put there anywhere in your set-up and control them independently and simultaneously. Thanks to this instrument, this application not will explain you how to makean efficient microfluidic lane switch.

Choosing the appropriate valves

We offer different bidirectional valvesValves

  1. 3-port/2way valves
  2. Normally open 2/2 valves
  3. Normally closed 2/2 valves

Plug your valves wherever you want in your microfluidic setup

The MUX WIRE is a valve controller for deported valves. It is a smart way to automate your setup as the valve can be located at any given point. Each valve is connected individually on the MUX WIRE through small WR-MPC3 connectors, facilitating the design of new microfluidic setup.

On the following experiment, we showcase how one 3/2 valves and one on/off valve can be used along with one two channel OB1 MkIII controller.

The 3/2 valves being positioned right after the two reservoirs allow fast switches (20ms) between the green and red fluid and then the 2/2 valve allows fast opening and closing.

Use your own valve

You have the possibility to use your own valves 24V (see spec) depending on your needs and specific constraints, giving maximum flexibility to easily change or develop new microfluidic setup. You just need to link them to small WR-MPC3 connectors. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

Wide range of applications


  • Fast liquid switching
  • Liquid sampling
  • Stop and go flows
  • Complex sequences of injection including fluching, rincing, and sequential injection of several liquids.

Plug your valves wherever you want in your microfluidic setup 

With MUX WIRE, you can easily control your microfluidic valves. You can use our 2-way or 3-way valves or plug your own ones. Each valve is connected individually on the MUX WIRE through small WR-MPC3 connectors, facilitating the design of new microfluidic setup.

Valve controller for deported valves

The MUX WIRE allow you to plug and control valves through our software interface. We provide different valves dedicated to microfluidics but you can plug your own valves 24V (see spec)based on your needs, giving maximum flexibilty to easily change or develop new microfluidic setup.

Microfluidic SCKETCH Valve 3.2 2.2


This section will explain you how to perform a flow redirection using the MUW Wire, and 2 and 3 ways valves using the Elveflow® smart interface software. First make sure you have all the instrument you need, including the tubing and the microfluidics connectors.

OB1 Mk3 pressure controller for pressure control and supply
Mux Wire for control your microfluidic valves.
Valves, their convenience and performances to full fill the needs of most microfluidic applications.
Various accessories (tanks, tubing, connectors…)

Components list

*The MUX WIRE features an IN/OUT trigger to synchronize itself with other instruments.


The user friendly ESI guarantees total control and automation of your experiment. It is in particular easy to launch sequences that calls several instruments and shown here.

2) Automatic control of the valves

You can also create complex opening/closing sequences via our scheduler. In this way, you can synchronize your instruments between them or trigger* a given action when a user-defined condition is verified.

1) One-click valve control

Our software allows to manage each valve independently with a simple click, giving you a complete real-time control over your experimental set-up.

You can now control up to 16 valves and use this functionality to have flexible and highly automatically controlled set-up ! Thanks to the ESI, you can interface the mux wire with all the other instruments provided by Elveflow®.


We  provide the only microfluidic flow control system using Piezo technology that enables a blazing fast flow change in your microdevice.

Piezo electric microfluidics flow control