Heating and Temperature Control in Microfluidic Systems infrared

A Review of Heating and Temperature Control in Microfluidic Systems: Techniques and Applications

This review presents an overview of the different techniques developed over the last decade to regulate the temperature within microfluidic systems ...
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The developmental length of the worm life cycle is temperature dependent. Indeed, if embryos are grown at 15°C, the adult stage is reached in 6 days, while at 25°C it fully develops in 2,5 days ...
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Kinetochore microfluidic cell biology

Mammalian cells

Regulation of body temperature and adaptation to temperature change is a major physiological function. At the cellular level, cells respond to a temperature decrease by decreasing metabolism, membrane fluidity, transcriptional activity, protein synthesis and vesicular transport rates. ...
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free copyright four microfluidic channel with four different type of pombe yeast cell


Such a mutant is called “thermosensitive” and as mitosis only occurs at 25°C, this temperature is termed “permissive” ...
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