Biochip ORGAN ON CHIP microfluidic

A review about organ on chip

Organs on chips are microengineered biomimetic systems that replicate key functions of living organs ...
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cell separation

Label-free microfluidic cell separation and sorting techniques: a review

In this review we will describe some label-free microfluidic techniques to accomplish cell separation and sorting ...
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Microfluidic for cell biology

Microfluidic for cell biology: Concepts and methodologies

We review here the basic concepts and methodologies in designing microfluidic devices, and their diverse cell biological applications ...
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free copyright microfluidic cell culture chamber 2

PDMS in biology researches: A critical review on PDMS lithography for biological studies

PDMS advantages and drawbacks for cell biology are here discussed ...
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Microfluidics as a tool for drug delivery

Microfluidics as a tool for drug delivery

Microfluidics, i.e. the science and engineering of fluid flows in microscale, can be the answer for a more effective and targeted drug administration. ...
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Microfluidics gradient

Gradients generation for cell biology in microfluidics

Chemical gradients play a key role in many biological processes and regulate a number of cellular functions in vivo. Indeed, there are several examples of gradient-dependent phenomena in nature ...
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free copyright microfluidic chip holder under UV

pH monitoring in microfluidics: a short review

The ultimate goal in microfluidics is to achieve the so-called laboratory-on-a-chip, i.e. integrate all those activities which are usually performed in a laboratory within a single microfluidic chip ...
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C. elegans immobilization via microfluidics: a short review

Caenorhabditis elegans, commonly shortened as C. elegans, is a non-parasitic nematode which, for its peculiar proprieties, is widely used as a model organism in biology ...
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free copyright   microfluidic device network

Microfluidics applications: a short review

Microfluidics is a term which appears more and more often in papers and scientific magazines; but, what exactly is microfluidics? ...
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free copyright HeLa cell deformation using microfluidic device

Cell deformation using microfluidic chip

Cells growth, gene expression and differentiation are often related to mechanical environment such as confinement or applied stresses ...
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