Gravity driven Perfusion System

gravity driven perfusion microfluidicTheses systems for cell culture consist of a gravity, bath perfusion system. When coupled with valves the system can be manually programmed, without requiring a computer or computer controlled.

For steadier flow rates, the Perfusion System can be upgrade with pressurized syringe reservoirs. This Pressure Upgrade allows to push the liquids faster than gravity.

Gravity driven Perfusion Systems can also be coupled with temperature control modules.

The system is extremely versatile, allowing the customer to adapt the perfusion system to his/her needs.

The range of flow rates goes from near zero to 6-10 mL/min. This kind of system is able to provide ultra fast flow rate switching in 3-4 ms.

This system is compatible with several types of perfusion chambers (Petri dish or oocyte perfusion chambers). Thanks to dedicated tool holders, it can be easily mounted on microscope stages.

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