Life Imaging Services Ludin Chamber

Life Imaging Services Ludin Perfusion ChamberLife Imaging Services provide products and services for live microscopy. In addition to their custom-designed full microscope enclosures with heating, cooling and modular gas and humidity control they offer versatile observation chambers.

The Ludin chamber is designed for high-resolution live microscopy. It provides improved focus stability thanks to its high stiffness stainless steel body and small coverslip size (12, 18, 22 millimeter round and 12×24 rectangular). Its specific design allows access to the full field of view even with very short working distance immersion objectives.

This chamber offers a very good chemical compatibility. The surfaces exposed to the media are stainless steel, glass and Viton (O-rings), resulting in low absorbency and chemical inertness, required to avoid reactive compounds adhering to the chamber and polluting the experiment.

The Ludin chamber is a very versatile system and can be used in open, covered or closed configuration. Media and gases can be perfused through two pairs of perfusion lines.

The Ludin Chamber allows multiplexing experiments. Indeed, up to six chambers can be placed in a chamber holder and be exchanged individually. Using a motorized stage, this allows using the microscope more productively.

We have been testing this chamber with the Perfusion Pack and the two systems works very nicely together. We realized medium switching experiments and we obtained really good performances in terms of flow stability.

The following video shows a medium switch inside the perfusion chamber using the Perfusion Pack. The extracted graph shows the flow rate during the switches. The flow rate is measured at the outlet of the chamber. Each peak is due to a switch between two different media.

Flow stability Life Imaging Services Ludin perfusion Chamber

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