Apply stress on your cells (salt, pH, osmotic…) in a highly repetitive manner

Osmotic stress on cell perfusion

One major question in biology is how cells cope with rapid changes of their microenvironment. For example, osmotic stress is known to trigger specific signaling pathways. See how our Perfusion Pack can help you design and achieve groundbreaking experiments.

  • Change your perfusion medium within seconds: With the Perfusion Pack, you can easily switch between 2 perfusion medium and thus change the composition of the cells environment.
  • Be in perfect control of your cells environment: Contrary to conventionnal cell culture, the medium surrounding the cells is constantly renewed, which provides a controlled environment.
  • Design perfusion sequences: With our dedicated software provided with the Perfusion Pack, you can easily design and save sequences of perfusion, and precisely apply your protocol, making your experiments highly reproducible.
  • Monitor your cells: Our perfusion sytem is designed to be easily used with perfusion chamber. You can continuously monitor your cells while perfusing them with different medium.

Looking for a perfect control on your cells environment ? Check our Perfusion Pack !


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We  provide the only microfluidic flow control system using Piezo technology that enables a blazing fast flow change in your microdevice.

Piezo electric microfluidics flow control