Mimic in vivo cells environment  with 3D cell culture

3D cell culture perfusion confocal microscopy

3D cell culture is a powerful tool to mimic more closely the in vivo environment of the cells. For example, cancerous cells can be seeded in matrigel anf form multicellular spheroids. See how our Perfusion Pack can help you design and achieve groundbreaking experiments.

  • Change your perfusion medium within seconds: With the Perfusion Pack, you can easily switch between 2 perfusion medium and thus change the composition of the cells environment.
  • Perfuse your cells with low flow rates: 3D cell culture in Matrigel can be tricky. With the Perfusion Pack, you have a perfect control on the flow rate you apply. You can perfuse your cells with very low flow rates (down to 0.1 μL/min) and make sure that your cell culture never suffers from shear stress.
  • Easily perform confocal microscopy: Confocal microscopy is the best way to obtain 3D images of your speroids. Contrary to syringe pumps, our Perfusion Pack provides a pulseless flow, avoiding any movements inside your perfusion chamber that can interfere with your confocal microscope focus.

Looking for a perfect control on your cells environment ? Check our Perfusion Pack !


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