Live cell imaging with confocal microscopy

Fluorescent proteins are a powerful tool to investigate gene expression and protein localization in live cells ...
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Continuous perfusion 3D cell culture

3D cell culture is a powerful tool to mimic more closely the in vivo environment of the cells ...
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Activate cell stress pathways

One major question in biology is how cells cope with rapid changes of their microenvironment. ...
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Change the pH of the perfusion medium

Proteins conformation is highly sensitive to pH. Thus modifying the pH of the medium perfusing the cells can alter their functions ...
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Perform endothelial cell culture

Studies indicate that endothelial cells are sensitive to fluid shear stress, which triggers changes in cells shape ...
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Selectively block protein synthesis

A wide range of experiments take advantage of drugs such as ricin or antibiotics to inhibit protein synthesis and monitor the effect of this inhibition on the cell's phenotype ...
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