Guilhem Velvé Casquillas: ELVESYS SAS CEO founder

Guilhem velve casquillas president elvesys

Guilhem Velve Casquillas is a former physics researcher passionate about entrepreneurship. He is a founding partner of ELVESYS SAS, Black Hole Lab SAS , E-Brumair SAS, LongLongLife SAS and Darwin Microfluidics SAS .

Guilhem Velve Casquillas is in charge of ELVESYS management as well as the support of the sisters companies arising from ELVESYS. Inside of ELVESYS, he is also in charge of the R&D on the scientific projects with strong potential of creation of new companies. Notably, he’s PhD thesis enabled the development of the world fastest pathogenic detection system (FASTGENE technology). In 2014, this FASTGENE project won the Worldwide 2030 Innovation Contest organized by the French government.

Guilhem is a member of « Réseau Entreprendre” (Undertake Network) and also gives voluntary entrepreneurship lessons inside research institutes in order to help young scientists create their enterprise.

Entrepreneurship and me

If death wasn’t a fatality anymore, would we still live the same ?

I think the 21st century offers a beam of technologies which will enable the ending of the ageing process. Ageing, this self-destructiveness process starting around the twenties leading to a scheduled death of each and every human a few decades later.

Entrepreneurs don’t like limits and human longevity remains the steadiest of them. Surely, human life expectancy have constantly increased for centuries but in the same period, the maximum longevity of our species sticked to a little bit more of 120 years.

Among all those technologies, there is one which appears central to me since it allow to miniaturize and control precisely all biochemicals applications currently realized in a whole laboratory on a single chip. This technology is called microfluidics and by multiplying the capabilities of investigation in biotechnology, it allows to make progress faster the majority of the research projects related to human species longevity.

By creating ELVESYS Microfluidic Innovation Center, my goal is to build an independent and eminent research center in the field of microfluidics and to utilize this latter as a tool to accelerate all research projects engaged in these goals:

- Increasing human species longevity
- Increasing human life expectancy
- Improving health and quality of life for all

Beyond ELVESYS, by fostering by all means available to me, the creation of innovative companies within what I call the “Microfluidic Valley”, I hope encouraging the rise of technologies which may will enable better solutions than the ones we propose to boost our species longevity. Finally, what matters is not to know who will initiate technologies which will change our vision of life and death, but to ensure that our loved ones close their eyes as late as possible.

  • Experience

    Enterprise creation: ELVESYS SAS, Au tour des rêves SARL, Microfluidic Technologies Network SAS, C.Biotech SAS, E-brumair SAS, Black Hole Lab SAS
    Physics lessons :  Ecole Polytechnique Paris,  Ecole Centrale Paris (France)
    Search missions UPENN (Philadelphiy  Wuhan University (China)
    Junior vice-president enterprise ESIEE

  • Training

    2011 Course innovative company creation (EM Lyon, France)
    2010 Entrepreneur Cycle (Ecole centrale Paris)
    2010 Cellular biology post doctorate (Institut Curie Paris)
    2008 PhD in microfluidics (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, LPN CNRS)
    2005 2005 Microelectronics engineer (ESIEE Paris) (ESIEE Paris)

  • Leisure activities

    Latin dances, world exploration, stymieing of contemporary artists

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