The NBIC valley: an all-round microfluidic partner for your

H2020 research projects

Are you preparing a grant proposal (RISE, FET, NMBP, EUROSTAR…) under the Horizon 2020 program? Then partner with the biggest consortium of innovative and scientific SMEs in microfluidics to maximize the outcome of your project!


 Who we are

The NBIC valley (Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technologies, Cognitive sciences) denotes a network of 8 startups which leverages microfluidic technologies to address various scientific domains and challenges, such as flow control, live-cell imaging, 3D cell culture, novel microfabrication materials and many more.

Elveflow Elvesys NBIC valley Cherry Biotech Elveflow Elvesys NBIC valley BlackHole Lab Elveflow Elvesys NBIC valley
LongLongLife Elveflow Elvesys NBIC valley 4DCell Elveflow Elvesys NBIC valley Darwin microfluidics Elveflow Elvesys NBIC valley
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Our aim is yet simple but huge: we firmly believe that microfluidics is going to be the key for the next technological revolution and we want to establish its backbone in our continent, Europe.

Our History

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, since 2011, the funding scientists/entrepreneurs of the NBIC valley have been establishing a new company every year and they expanded their network both in and outside Europe. Nowadays, the NBIC valley accounts for 8 startups (and counting…), more than 450 square meters of facilities and a team of over 40 PhD. We have a history of success, we have founded 8 companies with a 100 % success rate, but we absolutely do not want to stop here. We are constantly striving to expand our research network to feed our valley with new, innovative technologies issued from microfluidic. So what are you waiting for? Be part of the revolution, jump in the valley!


Our Technologies

Since our inception, the NBIC valley has been innovating in the domain of microfluidics. Nowadays, we can offer to our partners a wide range of patented technologies which represent the state of the art in terms of performances and flexibility. These can be exploited during our research collaborations by the partners or represent the starting point for a custom solution required by the project

The Elveflow range of product

The Widest and most performant lineup of microfluidic instrumentation


- Plug and play & OEM solutions

- More than 30 products

- Best performance for stability and speed available

The first ever microfluidic product lineup devoted to optical measurementsHighlights:- Fluorescence & Reflection measurement- High sensitivity: < 1 nM FITC

- Compact and lightweight

Optoreader microfluidics
Cherry-ultra-fast-heater-cooler-for-live-cell-imaging-4 The world fastest temperature controller for live cell imagingHighlights:- Wide temperature range: 5-45 degrees Celsius- Ultra-fast temperature shifts: 10 s

- Wide compatibility with all microscope major brands

The world fastest température controller for live cell imaging


- Wide temperature range: 5-45 degrees Celsius

- Ultra-fast temperature shifts: 10 s

- Wide compatibility with all microscope major brands

Flextene-elastomer-soft Novel materials for microfabrication: FlexdymTMHighlights:- Fully biocompatible- Self-sealing: no plasma treatment needed

- Easy to store in pellets and/or sheets

Plug&play solutions for easy, cleanroom-free chip manufacturing


- Turnkey equipment: no additional equipment required 

- Soft lithography made easy

- Full control on your IP: no need to disclose important details to thrid party partners

Organs on chips



Our Expertise

TheNBIC team research h2020 number of grants and funding issued for multidisciplinary projects has dramatically increased in the past few years. The classifications of former EU FP7 fundings, H2020 and ANR french national grants show that science is no longer shaped by traditional disciplines but rather by thematic axes dealing with societal and industrial issues. In this context, SME (small and medium enterprises) are fundamental and represent key actors in these projects. That is because SMEs can bridge the gap between scientific innovations and their global applications.

Our team currently accounts for more than 40 PhDs. The NBIC valley can provide expertise in all the major domains of microfluidics and its application, namely: cell and molecular biology, chemistry and physics. Furthermore, we provide training on important soft skills such as entrepreneurship, IP management, project management, industrialisation and valorisation.