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We are specialized in point-of-care genetic tests.

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We detect Anthrax and Ebola in 5 min.

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Thanks to the developpement of our PCR-based platform for fast detection of pathogens, we are one of the few companies in the world that integrates all the knowledge and practices necessary to ensure the  success of point-of-care testing (POCT) R&D partnership. From the development of qPCR detection kits to the industrialization of microfluidic sample pre-treatments, we have all the know-hows to bring research consortiums closer to the target application. Our core interest is to participate in research consortia linked to genetic testing and sample pre-treatment in order to secure the development of research projects in the field of  POCT.

elveflow microfluidic team


The core technology of our genetic detection tools is a proprietary ultra-fast qPCR thermal engine capable of 30 qPCR cycles in less than 2 min. FastGene technology demonstrated detection of Anthrax and Ebola simulating agents in a 7 minutes qPCR and a 7.5 minutes qRT-PCR (for 30 PCR cycles) respectively. We now apply this hardware platform to various applications.

We can adapt this technology to your molecular detection application, either PCR related or any other reaction involving temperature and fluorescence detection. We can provide the demonstration that your research can be integrated in a fast analysis apparatus.


We have developed a proprietary multiplexing technology having the potential to detect hundreds of genetic targets in a single test, using a single reagent mix and without splitting the sample. This  eneables to reach outsanding sensitivities for many applications without sacrifiying time of analysis and quantity of data, espcially when the sample is small or if the target is rare.

We can develop optimized genetic detection kits based on qPCR for applications involving the detection of one or many targets simultaneously. We are particulary interested in building projects with labs developping innovative PCR-based methodologies like in situ PCR, microRNA PCR or  iqPCR, to combine the potential of these technologies with the high multiplex potential of our system.

Combined with Fastgene Ultra-fast qPCR technology, we can propose suited solutions to develop a Point-Of-Care Test for your research project.


Experts in microfluidics, we can develop customized solutions for sample pre-treatment dedicated to your application from the swab to the result. This include filtration, chemical, mechanical or thermal lysis of cells, bacteria or viruses as well as nucleic acid purification with microbead-based capture/elution.



H2020 microfluidic live cell research UE grantWe are experienced in molecular biology and cell biology and glad to adapt our genetics tests to specific research questions.

Our research  team  also developed a cell culture platform for fast drug switching during live cell imaging. While working into a R&D consortium, we can also develop specific microfluidic cell culture chambers or systems for your specific research topic.


H2020 microfluidic flow control instrument

Elveflow also develops and provides the widest brand of microfluidic flow control systems. We have a flow control solution for any microfluidic application. We can provide and synchronize the most complex microfluidic setups including pressure controllers, vacuum controllers, flow sensors, pressure sensors or matrix of valves. While working into a R&D consortium, we can also develop specific flow control instruments for your research topic.

We are also able to design and produce any PDMS or polymer chip for your microfluidic project. We also provide turnkey soft-lithography stations to enable our partners to produce their chips by themselves.

Finally, we develop and provide a brand of optical and fluorescence readers to detect and quantify objects in microfluidic devices.  We have developed microfluidic fluorescence reader to enable both excitation and detection of fluorescent molecules into microfluidic chips and capillaries.  We also provide a microfluidic optical reader to enable the detection and counting of objects into microfluidic channels and chambers. We can also develop specific optical instruments for your research topic.


H2020 microfluidic research UE grant OEMIn the last 4 years, we have industrialized up to 15 microfluidic products. In order to strengthen the technological transfer of microfluidic R&D from academic labs to the global market, we provide expertise during the entire process of turning an idea into a product. While working into a R&D consortium, we can industrialize and commercialize products coming from our collaborative researches.

“To maintain meaningful and productive long-term partnerships, we follow one rule: we always fulfill our R&D objectives.”

What can we bring to your R&D consortium ?

Engineering researches: We can fasten your research project by developing special featured multiplex qPCR detection kits, microfluidic chips and diagnostic instruments. For laboratories not familiar with instrumentation, we can also take care of the research work package related to the instrumentation required for your scientific project.

Research promotion: Funding institutions also have to justify how they use their funding and investment returns. Our goals fit entirely with the value-creation objectives of national and European funding programs. Our objective is to facilitate the transfer of specialized knowledge created in research laboratories towards society.

Why European Union emphasizes public/private research consortia ?

The number of grants and funding dedicated to multidisciplinary projects has dramatically increased in the past few years. The classifications of former EU FP7 fundings, H2020 and ANR national grants show that science is no longer shaped by traditional disciplines but rather by thematic axes dealing with societal and industrial issues. In this context, cooperation is often required in project calls for grant funding. Multidisciplinary research must take advantage of specialized actors such as innovative companies as ELVESYS whose knowledge of both science and industry can bridge the gap between scientific innovations and their global applications.


Guilhem Velvé Casquillas

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