bTB-test project : a microfluidic lab-on-chip for bovine tuberculosis diagnostic

Bovine tuberculosis can be transmitted to humans by milk or meat and is therefore a public health issue.


Standard tuberculosis testing is efficient and sensitive, but also logistically challenging, and time and resource consuming. In this project, a simpler and non-invasive method of detection will be developed on the basis of metabolomics research. Metabolites, small-molecule compounds found in body fluids, reflect indeed changes in the blood chemistry induced by a disease. Analysis of metabolites types and concentrations may allow the early detection of a disease.

We aim to identify the signature of bovine tuberculosis specific metabolites, and to develop a standardized testing procedure to detect these biomarkers. We will focus on the detection and analysis of volatile organic compounds. Samples will be collected from the breath, skin and feces of animals and the volatile organic compounds will be detected thanks to an electronic nose system. Ultimately, a portable prototype will be built, regrouping a preconditioning unit, all the sensors and electronics needed for the detection, and a software.


Elvesys will design and build new lab-on-chip devices oriented towards the analysis of the volatile organic compounds released by the body fluid samples. All the powerful tools developed for flow control will be used to handle the fluids into the chips and precisely tune the different parameters. Elvesys will also share its experience in creating innovative companies by providing entrepreneurship training.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 FETOPEN under grant agreement No 777832 (bTB-Test project).


Guilhem Velvé Casquillas

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