Microfluidic droplet generation to produce artificial cells: the ACDC project


Example of X-phases, variable volumes, X-cores capsule on the left, X-phase, polymerised shell, X-cores capsule on the right.

This project aims at developing a new technology for the creation of simple artificial cells made of liquid-based capsules. These artificial cells will contain interactive and multifunctional cores (including sensing, actuating, reporting, energization and barcoding functions) and will act as communicating micro-laboratories. This new technology reproducing living cells will help to identify new targets for future drugs and to conduct drugs screening against the identified proteins.

The capsules will be made using microfluidics technologies, and in particular droplets generators based either on flow-focusing geometries to obtain the cores of the future capsule, or on an innovative bat-wing junction to encapsulate these cores into the capsule. The new generation of microfluidic devices designed for this purpose will be made by 3D-printing, allowing the construction of 3D structures to produce artificial cells in a more effective way.

In this consortium of 6 European partners, Elvesys will be in charge of designing the chips and optimizing fluid handling to produce capsules. Elveflow microfluidic flow control system will help us to adjust very precisely the volume of each liquid (matrice and reagents) over elongated duration in order to obtain reproducible capsules and droplets. Elvesys will also perform on-chip specific DNA labeling of these artificial cells as well as drugs screening.


Bat-wing geometry for the generation of capsules

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 FETPROACT-RIA under grant agreement No SEP-210507451 (ACDC project).


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