Let's build the next generation of organ-on-chip together


A multidisciplinary odyssey

Elveflow Organ-on-chip microfluidic research project : We created the Elveflow Microfluidic innovation center because we believe that microfluidics is a key element of medical research tomorrow. In particular, we believe that the development of microfluidics coupled with the fundamental research in  cell biology allows to develop the Organs-on-chip that are ever more representative of the in vivo processes in the human being.

For this reason, we work with the pioneer research laboratories to lay the technologically critical groundwork that enables the development of the next generation of the Organs-on-chip.

Organ-on-chip will matter

We think that the next generation of organ-on-chip will accelerate new drugs development and ultimately bring us to personalized medicine.

  • Giving GO/NO GO indicator to research laboratories at drugs discovery level
  •  Provide alternative to animal testing at preclinical trial level
  •  Provide personalized medicine to patient at hospital

Moreover we think that organ-on-chip research will indirectly fasten other  fields such as artificial organ culture or cell therapy.

“Together, let’s pave the way for the next generation of Organ-on-chip!”

What can we bring to your organ-on-chip research  project ?

Microfluidics engineering

  • Chip : Develop microfluidic chip for long term and controlled cell culture
  • Setup : Provide state-of-the-art microfluidic and optical setup
  • Products : Industrialization of the microfluidic cell culture platform

Research funding & dissemination

  • Funding : Our goals fits entirely with the value-creation objectives of the H2020 European funding programs.
  • Valorization : Our objective is to facilitate the transfer of the specialized knowledge created in research laboratories towards society.

All microfluidic related skills in one company


TOILE-GAMME-PRODUITS-site-2-minpressure controllers, vacuum controllers, flow sensors, pressure sensors or matrix of valves. While working into R&D consortium, we can also develop specific flow control instruments for your research topic.


organ-on chip-microfluidic-research project-We are able to design and produce any PDMS or polymer chips for your microfluidics project. We also provide turnkey soft-lithography station to enable our partner to produce their chips by themselves.


organ-on chip-microfluidic-  research project-We develop and provide a brand of optical readers to detect and quantify objects in microfluidic device: fluorescent molecules excitation and detection, droplet & particle counting in microfluidic chips and capillaries … We can also develop specific optical instruments for your research topic.


organ-on-chip- microfluidic-  research projectOur research team developed a cell culture platform for fast drug switching during live cell imaging. While working into R&D consortium, we can also develop specific microfluidic cell culture chambers or systems for your specific research topic.


organ-on chip-microfluidic--  research project-In the last 4 years, we industrialized up to 15 microfluidics products. In order to strengthen the technological transfer of microfluidics R&D from academic labs to the global market, we provide expertise during the entire process of turning an idea into a product. While working into R&D consortium, we can industrialize and commercialize product coming from our collaborative researches.

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Acknowledgement : This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 690876

Our on-going research projects

FASTGENE VERSUS PATHOGENS: An epidemics tracking system

Pillarcell: Microfluidic system for stem cell differentiation

LAPASO’S EYE ON MALARIA: Quick and low-cost lab on a chip for malaria detection

THE DNAREPAIRMAN : Molecular machines for DNA repair
BlackHoleLab: Cheap as chips soft lithography station for any research laboratory

MEDLEM: Microfluidics fighting against Leukemia
Diflusel: Nanofluidic electro-concentration designed to replace ELISA assay

The PHOTOTRAIN : Microfluidic for a sustainable future
E-STEAM: A vape-healthy electronic cigarette

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