Permanent position (CDI) in



for PhD holder (M/F)


What will you do at Elvesys ?

⇒ You will join the Elvesys Innovation Unit to write scientific projects on various fields microfluidics is applied, such as microbiology, cell biology, medicine, physics and chemistry. You will be in charge as well of the granted projects coordination together with our team (R&D, marketing, HR): you will manage your projects, coordinate the research activities, supervise PhD students/Post-Docs and fulfill the network-wide activities required for the good proceedings of the projects.

⇒ Your job will mainly consist in

  • Writing scientific grants regarding emerging and promising microfluidic-related topics applied to biology, medicine, chemistry and physics.
  • Discussing with researchers all over Europe to understand their scientific needs and settling consortium with them.
  • Supervising your research projects from A to Z.

You will work in direct relation with the CEO to define which projects are interesting from a strategical point of view and at the same time you will be in direct relation with the whole R&D team to find a way to solve our partners’ scientific problems.

Salary : No limit , your salary will depend on your success. Join our team, share our dreams and let’s try to build together the seed of the next technological revolution.

Candidate profile

You like travelling ?

Do you like to meet new people and discuss science with them ?

Are you proficient in scientific writing in English ?

Do you feel ready to supervise interdisciplinary research projects ?

Are you confident in discovering new topics in microfluidics, biotech, biology, chemistry ?

Is your answer YES?


Candidate profile

The following requirements are considered as mandatory:


  • A PhD in “hard sciences” ( physics, chemistry, cell biology)
  • A strong ability in interactiong with others
  • A smart mind, interest for the continuous discovery of new fields related to microfluidics
  • Excellent English knowledge
  • Ability to communicate in French appriciated

Contact us by email with the title of this job offer at :


And after ? Everything depends on you. You can maintain your job and become R&D manager in fields related to microfluidics, or be promoted to an associate or director position by starting a new innovative company with us. It all depends on you !

Team career

Elvesys: a new type of startup

Elveflow is the microfluidic flow control brand of ELVESYS, a start-up created by 3 young researchers in microfluidics. We are a company that is constantly innovating and we start new microfluidic research projects annually. Our goal is to create in France the foundations of a “Microfluidic Valley” by launching a new innovating company in Microfluidics every year.

In 2014, ELVESYS won the 2030 Global Innovation Contest by developing the world’s fastest technology for the detection of pathogenic agents in blood or saliva samples in less than 10 minutes.

Even if our company has grown with time, our mission remains the same. If you like our way of thinking and you want to come on board our team, we have no bias, do not hesitate to apply.