Make your own PDMS membrane


We offer you all the equipments, accessories and chemiclas to do by yourself your own highly reproductible PDMS membranes. Prepare your PDMS, choose the wanted thickness and create your membrane to quickly have fresh PDMS membranes for your experiments. Everything is made in less than one hour!

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High precision & wide thickness range: The PDMS membrane station is based on a low vibration spin coater which enables to precisely control the speed and acceleration up to 12 000 rpm. You can achieve PDMS membrane thickness from ~1µm to 250µm with a high precision.

No PDMS ageing: Get your “fresh” PDMS membrane in 10 minutes and perform reproducible experiments always in the same conditions.

Easy to Use: Based on a set of Plug & Play instruments, we have developed processes dedicated to each application. We provide tutorials to enable any researchers getting high standard membrane without initial knowledge.

Turnkey Station: More than the spin coater we provide the most adapted side equipment to get the highest reproducibility (Fitted vacuum pump, air compressor, hot plate…),  accessories, chemicals for you to be completely autonomous really quickly.

Quake valve

Pneumatic PDMS Quake valves

Solvent permeation

Solvent Permeation PDMS membrane

Cell culture

Cell coculture with PDMS membrane


  • Create your own PDMS membranes easily.
  • Precisely control your PDMS membrane thicknesses.
  • Work with robust processes which enable easy reproducibility.
  • Fabricate your membrane without initial knowledge in micro fabrication.
  • Get the best equipment to ensure your facility a long lifetime.



  • Spin Coater highly versatile
  • Air compressor
  • Vacuum pump
  • Hot plate for photoresist and PDMS baking



All lab accessories (Silicon wafers, tweezers, pipette, tips, timer, etc.) are included. We give you all the products’ references and providers information to refill your stock.



All chemicals (PDMS, TMCS, AZ4562, Isopropanol, Acetone, etc.) are included. We give you all the products’ references and providers information to refill your stock.


Standard support pack: We take care of the after sale of all your instruments, we provide you microfabrication process-sheet and tutorials, we provide you 1 year phone assistance to answer any microfabrication question you could have.

Spin coater


Vacuum pump / Air compressor

  1. Compresseur-datasheet
  2. VacuumPump

Hot plate

hotplates-tuto microfluidic chip soft lithography

This spin coater is compact and packed with advanced features. It works with wafers up to diam. 150mm and 5″ x 5″ (127mm x 127mm) substrates. This spin coater is perfectly fine-tuned to do controllable and reapetable PDMS layers. Its compact size with the little panel control attached makes the device really movable. Moreover the hole on the lid enables to do dynamic PDMS coating.

Major strengths:

  • Designed specifically for ease-of-use.
  • Simple to program from the operator panel or your PC.
  • Ability to set complex sequences with several accelerations and speeds.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Non clogging system for extended lifetime.
  • Low vibration.
  • Speed up to 12000rpm.
  • Provided with wafer centering tool.

The Spin coater needs a 4bar pressure and a vacuum access to work correctly. Indeed, the vacuum is used to maintain the wafer on the chuck and the pressure protect the Spin coater from the liquid, photoresist or PDMS to go inside the rotor part.

Some laboratories may have corresponding pressurized air or vacuum line but if not or if you want to be free to install your facility everywhere we have selected fitted vacuum pump and compressor to be efficient, powerful and noiseless.

The PDMS need to be baked to become hard and for membrane the hot plate appears to be the best solution.

What’s more, depending on the process followed you may also have to bake some photoresist. In that case we have selected a simple and efficient hot plate which does the job with the best ration quality/price.

An adaptive offer!

Since each laboratory is different, since each research is unique, we do adapt the offer to be as close as possible of the real need. We discuss together what will be the best efficient facility and thus add or remove equipment, accessories, chemicals.

Do not hesitate to ask one of our technico-commercials to make an assessment of your facility and to advise you on your project.


We have created basic offer with every thing needed to have a complete working set, but some option can be add according to each situation. We have selected some option commonly use during softlithography process but do not hesitate to ask our engineer if you have special expectations.

Developer Agitator


Optical profiler

Optical Profiler

Little fume hood – Extractor3.5



Begin with Soft-lithography ?

Do your own  SU8 Mold and PDMS chips

> We install everything & train your team in 1 week

> Plug and play soft-lithography protocol

> Get the highest resolution without clean room