All material is included


Covers most of microfluidic applications


Incorporate add-ons if needed


While preserving the bests performances on the market

This pack includes:
4 channels pressure & flow controller
4 microfluidic reservoirs
Fittings & Connectors
Software full package

logo microfluidic starter pack flow control custumer

  “This is not a coincidence if the NASA trusts us”

The Starter Pack holds all necessary elements for you to start your own microfluidic experiments. The Starter Pack is a comfortable instrumental base covering most of the needs of microfluidicists. The Microfluidic Starter Pack is very easy to improve: you can add supplementary modules later, according to your needs.

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+ 4 Channels Microfluidic Flow Controller


OB1 MK3 Flow Controller

The pack has been designed around our best seller, the most performant microfluidic flow control system on the market. With 4 independant channels and ranges from 0 to 2 bar, the OB1 Mk3 covers the majority of microfluidic applications. It is very easy to take over thanks to the software included in the pack.

+ Software

microfluidic flow control software sdk

ESI FULL PACKAGE control software

We have developped a software enabling to control and automate all your setup parameters. It is provided in its FULL PACKAGE version which includes all the control and measurement modules. It is very to use and enable to control all instruments of the ELVEFLOW brand.

+ 4 microfluidics Reservoirs

Microfluidic reservoir

4x 50 mL reservoirs

The pack also includes 4 reservoirs specifically designed for microfluidics which are very simple to connect with our pressure controller. Those 4 reservoirs are 50 mL BD Falcon™.

+ Fittings & Connectors

Fittings & Connectors

The pack contains all necessary in terms of fittings and connectors. Based on our experience with microfluidicists, we offer in this pack a set of elements allowing to connect devices as well as reservoirs and chips.

+ Option


Add flow sensor

Each channel of your OB1 Mk3 pressure controller can be coupled with a flow sensor. Using our feedback loop, you can monitor and control flow rate in your microfluidic setup while keeping stability and responsiveness of pressure driven flows.

+ Scalability

Add several options

Need additional options for you setup? We warrant the pack compatibility with all current and upcoming modules…


OB1 microfluidic flow control 4 channels zoom

Example of use of the Starter Pack

On the left is a basic example of use of a pressure controller in a microfluidic setup with a 4 channels’ chip.

You can control your different liquids independently with pressure or  flow rate (by adding a flow sensor) and automate the whole stup with the software. One of the main advantages of the pressure controller is to disallow flow oscillations and be very fast in your flow rate changes (no inertia) while remaining extremely stable.

You could then add, if you like, different modules by picking them in our product line (valve, sensor…).

Plug-&-Play alternative to standard fluid handling systems

Slow response time, flow oscillations, microfluidic chips break… You have probably met this kind of issue with your peristaltic and syringe pumps. To fix these main issues more and more researchers use our microfluidic pressure pump based on piezoelectric technology (see more details here).

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