Control pressure with a resolution down to 2,5 µbar( 0,0005 psi ).

This option adds to AF1 200 mBar or AF1 DUAL the possibility to control pressure in a smaller range with an higher resolution and stability by adding an active pressure reducer. This option can be freely turn on or off using the  Elveflow software. This option is recommended for application requiring very high precision on small pressure range (for example to replace manual hydrostatic pressure setup with micrometer screw control).

Low pressure regulation Option for AF1 200 mBar:

Pressure range: 0-5 mBar (0-0.075 psi)*
Pressure resolution: 2.5 µBar
stability: +/- 5 µBar (3.10^-4 psi)
max output flow: 0.2 L/min
settling time (95%): 400 ms.

Low pressure regulation Option for AF1 Dual Pressure and vacuum:
Pressure range: +/- 25 mBar (+/- 0.5 psi)*
Pressure resolution: 25 µBar
stability: +/- 20 µBar (3.10^-4 psi)
max output flow: 0.3 L/min
settling time (95%): 400 ms.

Example of a pressure step and stability or the AF1 Dual with low pressure regulation option. (pressure is indicated in mBar)

responsiveness and stability
Responsivness and stabilty of low pressure option

*Other Pressure ranges are available on demand from 2.5 mBar to 70 mBar.
– Available pressure range : +/-2.5 mBar, +/-5 mBar, +/-12.5 mBar, +/-25 mBar, +/-1 psi (+/-66 mBar)

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