Quake valve control, Medium switch, Live cell perfusion, Stop flow … And any other experiment you can imagine !

Our Software enables you to visually operate the valves in only one click and to program automatic injection sequences in a few easy clicks.

With just one PC, you can simultaneously control up to 256 valves, that mean a more compact setup without multiple connecting cables on your laboratory bench.

PEEK valves – ROCKER® valve technology

The Elveflow matrices are the only ones to use Rocker valves, which do not create waves when opening and closing (displacement < 10nL). This allows you to eliminate the principal drawback of other microfluidic valves, i.e. the flow disruption.

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Fast flow switch (25 ms) – 2400 switches/minute

ROCKER® valve technology (flow displacement < 10nL)

PEEK valve & Manifold

Clean fluids injection: no backflow

Low volume injection, sample volume as low as 50μL

>New possibilities The technology used in the Elveflow® MUX makes possible to achieve a 25 ms flow switch into your microfluidic system. This level of performance pushes the conventional experimental limits and offers you new possibilities.

>Complex Flow Patterns Our profile editor will allow you to easily program subtle valves patterns and to repeat a set of steps in a loop to automate the most sophisticated protocols.

>Setup Synchronization The MUX offers a TTL triggers set to easily synchronize your instrument with any Elveflow® device, microscopes or mechanical shutter. Thus, you can have a full control of all the devices involved in your microfluidic experiment.


microfluidic MUX switch valve PEEK detailsChoose the number of valves you need from 4 to 16 (up to 256 on special request) and the type of valves, unidirectional valves (2/2) for fast sample injection or bi-directional valves (3/2) for quake valves control.

  • 2-way or 3-way valves
  • From 4 To 256 Valves
  • Upgrade your system at any time
  • Fully customizable*
  • OEM version available

*Our MUX product line can be modified to fit almost all specific microfluidic requirements.


Microfluidc flow control switch matrix valves software 3Elveflow® instruments are built around a common application which facilitates navigation from one instrument to another. Our Smart Interface enables you to control your setup after a few minutes of training.

Synchronized valve closing

Contrary to other valve systems on the market, our communication protocols allow you to open and close your valves in a perfectly synchronized manner.


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Flow switch matrix to control Quake and other bilayer PDMS valves 

Open and close your Quake valves in 50ms. The valve matrix 3:2 coupled with Elveflow software permits you to control the opening and closing of Quake valves in one click. To automate your experiment, you can also program opening and closing sequences in a few easy clicks.


  • Plug & Play programmable valve sequence
  • Fast valve switch 50ms
  • Fine valve position tuning (coupled with the OB1 pressure controller)
  • Flexible : from 4 to 256 PEEK valves
  • Internal/external trigger
  • ROCKER® valve technology


Applications : Quake valve control, integrated peristaltic pump, valve position tuning for cell confinement.

Principle : With this matrix of 3:2 valves, you can simply choose when to  put your PDMS bilayer valve under pressure. Coupled with the 0.005% stability of our OB1 pressure controller, it enables you to finely control and stabilize your valve position in the  intermediate position.

Performance and Precision : By coupling the valve matrix with our OB1 Pressure controller, you can control the position of your valves with a stabilty and precision of 0.005%.


Flow switch matrix for a multitude of functions in one easy click

Thanks to its integrated manifold and the ROCKER® valve technology, this valve matrix allows you to carry out a multitude of functions in one easy click : instantaneous flow stop, sequences of injection phases, flow focusing, cleaning and stabilizing the flow inside your cross-formed microfluidic chip.


  • Plug & Play instrument designed to stop the flow in your microfluidic device in 100ms with no residual flow.
  • PEEK valves compatible with 10-32 microfluidic fittings.
  • Plug & Play programmable stop flow
  • Complete equilibrium & stop flow in 100ms
  • Ultra low volume injection  (coupled with the Elveflow manifold)
  • Internal/external trigger


Low Volume : By using a liquid buffer as a carrier phase, and by introducing your samples using a T Junction or the Elveflow chip holder, the valve matrix allows for the controlled injection of very low volumes (<10µL) onto your microfluidic chip.

Zero Flow: Thanks to the « Zero Flow » function, you will no longer have any residual Poiseuille flow during observation or separation phases within your cross-formed chip. Achieve performant and reproducible results like never before!

Additionnal : This product can be coupled with the optoreader to achieve phase separation on a chip easily and with an unmatched performance/price ratio !


Flow switch matrix for fast drug switches in microfluidic devices.

A Plug & Play instrument designed to easily switch drugs in your microfluidic device in less than 300ms.


How many times have you had to return to your setup to change the liquid in the reservoirs, take samples, launch the different stages of cleaning and reset your system? With the automated control of multiple reservoirs, you can automatically re-launch all your experiments without having to stay next to your setup. Finally, thanks to the fact that with our software, you can carry out 10 experiments in the time that it takes you do 1, you will be able to gather solid statistical data.


  • PEEK valves with 10-32 microfluidic fittings.
  • Plug &Play USB software
  • No sample cross-contamination & no backflow
  • Flexible : from 4 to 256 valves
  • Internal/external trigger
  • ROCKER® valve technology
  • Changes in pressure will be executed at the speed of sound ( less than 100ms ) in the liquids, independently of the volume of the reservoirs or the speed of your pressure controllers.

Applications : Drug and cell medium switch for cell biology, reagent switch for  flow chemistry.

Principle : When pressurized with our OB1 pressure controller, the ON/OFF valves on this matrix allow you to easily and very quickly switch on and off the upstream flow of your microfluidic device. (cf application note)

Flexibility : With the capacity to control up to 16 valves, the MUX flow switch is the most versatile solution on the market  for a full range of applications : successive simple injections, injection loops with given reactive volumes, pre-microfluidic mixing zones, solution storage in capillary tubes, redirection of liquid from one chip to another, etc… It is a truly an invaluable toolbox for any microfluidic lab.


Automate your sample collection

Need to further analyze the sample generated in your microfluidic device ? The MUX distributor is the simplest way to part your treated sample into different vessels as a function of time or experimental parameters.

Several solutions in one inlet 

With the MUX distributor, you can successively inject up to 10 different solutions into the same inlet. No need to design complex chips with multiple inlets.

Working principle

The MUX Distributor is a bidirectionnal 11-port / 10-way rotary valve: peripheral ports  can alternatively be connected to a central one.


  • The typical mechanical response time for a port-to-port movement is 280ms. 
  • The MUX Distributor can stand up to 9 bar.
  • Low total internal volume of 11.6µl
  • Wetted materials: PEEK



  • Fast medium switches less than 1s
  • Plug &Play USB software
  • No sample cross-contamination & no backflow
  • Inject up to 10 different solutions

Applications :

  • Cell culture on chip
  • Cell response to medium change
  • Drug screening
  • Toxicity tests
  • Stem cells assays
  • Reagent switch for flow chemistry
  • SPR or TIR imaging coupled with microfluidics
  • Any other medium switching experiment you can imagine !

Fast medium switches : This rotative valve allows you to easily achieve fast medium switches while maintaining a constant flow rate. Depending on your setup, you can go down to less than 1s. This valve also allows you to apply short reagent pulses in your chip.

Automate your experiment : Using our dedicated software, choose the flow rate for your injection and switch between different media or reagents. You can also easily program sequences to automate your experiments, and increase reproducibility.

Clean sample injection : The MUX distributor guarantees you no back flow and thus no cross contamination between samples contained in the reservoirs.


Sample injection & Fluid recirculation

One can perform a stable and unidirectional fluid recirculation or to inject a precisely controlled volume of drug.

Working principle

The MUX inj is a bidirectionnal 6-port / 2 position valve allowing to perform injection or switches between two set-up configurations.

Controlled microfluidic sample injection

Controlled microfluidic sample injection 2



  • Low port-to-port volume (660nL)
  • Port-to-port switching time: 100ms
  • High chemical compatibility (wetted materials: RPC-7)
  • No sample cross-contamination & no backflow
  • No dead volume


Area of use : Discover how to improve and make your experiments easier .

  • Cell culture on chip
  • Drug screening
  • Toxicity tests
  • Stem cells assays
  • Organ on chip
  • SPR or TIR imaging coupled with microfluidics
For further informations check out our related application notes

The following table summarizes the main features of the Elveflow® MUX product line.

microfluidic switch valve datasheet

USB pressure controller software module

Microlfuidic-flow-control-software-Screen-MUX-Flow switch matrixElveflow® instruments are assembled around a software application that facilitates the switch from one instrument to another. Thanks to an intuitive interface, the Elveflow® Smart Interface enables the use of Elveflow® instruments from the simplest commands for beginners to the most complex manipulations for experts… read more

Control your experiments through C, Python, Matlab®, Labview® or the Elveflow® Smart Interface. The Elveflow® Smart Interface is a software application offering all the functionalities that microfluidicists need.

> Pressure control :
Pressure can easily be adjusted for up to 4 independent channels.

> Configurations :
Store up to 4 different pressure configurations and switch from one to another in a single second.

> Edit functions :
Complex pressure and flow rate profiles such as ramp, sine, square and triangle can be defined.

> Flow control :
When used with a flow sensor, a feedback loop with adaptable sensors enables a direct flow rate control.

> Display & save data :
Real time pressure and flow rate are monitored and can be saved for later assays.

> Elveflow® Smart Interface :
When used with a flow sensor, a feedback loop with adaptable parameters facilitates a direct flow rate control.


Wide range of applications
  • Fast medium switching – Drug Testing
  • On-chip peristaltic pumping
  • Sequential sample injection
  • Cell/particle sample screening
  • Medium perfusion switch for cell biology
  • Diffusion studies
  • Unidirectionnal recirculation
  • Organ-on-chip
  • Cell culture

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