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Perform DNA microarray assays on chip


Microfluidic DNA array on chip

DNA microarrays have be widely used for molecular biology research. The microfluidic hybridation methods allow to reduce the volume of reagent and the time of incubation. See how our Injection Platform can help you design and achieve groundbreaking experiments.

  • Control the injection flow rate: We know the hybridation assays requiere to inject several samples or buffers, at different flow rates. With the Injection Plateform, you have a perfect control over the flow rate at any point of your experiment.
  • No more unplugging, no more bubbles: With the Injection Platform, you don’t have anymore to unplugg your injection system between two samples. You can now inject up to six different samples or buffers, and avoid tedious procedures to eliminate air bubbles inside your chip.
  • Automate your experiment: Our dedicated software allows you programing sequences and thus automating your experiment. This way, you will gain time and have a better reproducibility.

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