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Academical end of years discount

slider microfluidic pressure pump 2

“20 times more precise and 10 times faster than the other flow controllers on the market”

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“Enhance fluorescent detection & quantification of microfluidic flowing objects”

Microfluidic Flow Control System

Pressure controller for microfluidics elveflow OB1 MK3+

OB1 – 4 channels microfluidic flow controller

The only microfluidic flow control system using Piezo technology and enabling a blazing fast flow change in your microdevice ...
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microfluidics-flow-switch-matrix-valvess (1)2

MUX – microfluidic flow switch matrices

4 unique microfluidic flow switch matrices Great capabilities for new possibility, Quake valve control, Medium switch, Live cell perfusion, Stop flow ...
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MMW – Microfluidic Valve Controller

Plug your valves 2-WAYS & 3-WAYS wherever you want in your microfluidic setup ...
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Microlfuidic flow control software Screen

Software & SDK

Elveflow® instruments are built around a common application which facilitates navigation from one instrument to another. ...
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AF1 Dual – Vacuum & Pressure Controller

Switch from vacuum to pressure on the same channel, the Dual AF1 has a pressure range from -700 mbar to 1bar ...
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VAN microfluidic generator compressor

VAN – Pressure and Vacuum generator

An autonomous Pressure & Vacuum pump adapted to laboratories, Compact, quiet, robust ...
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Microfluidic Flow Measurement


Microfluidic Bubble Detector

Elveflow provides a unique microfluidic liquid sensor. The sensor is able to register presence of fluid, trigger a signal to another instrument and act accordingly ...
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microfluidic flow-reader sensor

MSR – Microfluidic Sensor Reader V2

An acquisition interface for all your sensors inside your setup for monitoring and feedback control ...
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Microfluidic pressure sensor white

MPS – Microfluidic pressure sensor

We provide high accuracy pressure sensor adapted to liquids, compatible with 3/32 ID or 1/16 OD tubing ...
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Microfluidics fluid pressure sensor inline 5

MFP – Microfluidic Inline Pressure Sensor

Inline liquid sensors for pressure measurement with no dead volume and FDA certified ...
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Microfluidic Reservoirs & Accessories