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Droplet based microfluidics – White paper

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Create Date5 April 2019

White paper microfluidics

Droplet-based microfluidics is an emerging technology based on hydrodynamics principles: fluids are handled in a precise and reliable manner providing essential tools to miniaturize and automatize assays.

“Droplet microfluidics” enables the manipulation of discrete fluid packets in the form of microdroplets that provide numerous benefits for conducting biological, chemical assays or particles synthesis. Among those benefits are a large reduction in the volume of reagent required for assays, the size of sample required, and the size of the equipment itself. Such technology also enhances the speed of biological and chemical assays by reducing the volumes over which processes such as heating, diffusion,

and convective mixing occur. Once the droplets are generated, carefully designed droplet operations allow for the multiplexing of a large number of droplets to enable large-scale complex biological and chemical assays2.

Droplets formed within microfluidic channels often serve
as microreactors containing different chemical or biological compound, allowing massive numbers of independent reactions to be performed rapidly using a minimal amount of total reagent.

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