Microfluidics Research Projects

Elveflow is a company arising from the Elvesys Innovation Center. ELVESYS develops all the research projects that will lead to new Elveflow products or new start-up companies stemming from microfluidics innovations. Apart from Elveflow, previous research projects and collaborations enabled to create 2 others microfluidic companies.

The Elvesys Microfluidic Innovation Center is one of the few companies in the world that integrates all the knowledge and practices necessary to ensure the success of a microfluidics R&D partnership. The core interest of ELVESYS is to participate in research consortia linked to microfluidics in order to secure the development of research projects in the field of  lab on a chip and  microfluidics. The primary objective of ELVESYS is to fasten the most promising research projects related to microfluidics. Since we believe that microfluidics, by reinforcing investigations’ capabilities in biotechnology, will allow us to make progress more quickly the majority of the research projects regarding the increase in life expectancy and human longevity.