Microfluidics Research Projects

Elveflow is a company arising from the Elvesys Innovation Center. ELVESYS develops all the research projects that will lead to new Elveflow products or new start-up companies stemming from microfluidics innovations. Apart from Elveflow, previous research projects and collaborations enabled to create 2 others microfluidic companies.

The Elvesys Microfluidic Innovation Center is one of the few companies in the world that integrates all the knowledge and practices necessary to ensure the success of a microfluidics R&D partnership. The core interest of ELVESYS is to participate in research consortia linked to microfluidics in order to secure the development of research projects in the field of  lab on a chip and  microfluidics. The primary objective of ELVESYS is to fasten the most promising research projects related to microfluidics. Since we believe that microfluidics, by reinforcing investigations’ capabilities in biotechnology, will allow us to make progress more quickly the majority of the research projects regarding the increase in life expectancy and human longevity.


Guilhem Velvé Casquillas

Drop me a line

You have a research project in mind and you are looking for an industrial partner in microfluidics ?

I will study your proposition and come back to you quickly to find together the best way to collaborate on your project. If the submission deadline is coming soon, I will try to come back to you on the same day.

Since all of us initially came from public research lab, we are used to collaborate with research laboratories inside scientific consortium and new scientific projects are always welcomed.

Feel free to write me and ask for Guilhem at:


Discover Elvesys microfluidic research projects

NEED A MICROFLUIDICS PARTNER for your research consortium ?
BlackHoleLab: Cheap as chips soft lithography station for any research laboratory

MEDLEM: Microfluidics fighting against Leukemia
FASTGENE VERSUS PATHOGENS: An epidemics tracking system

LAPASO’S EYE ON MALARIA: Quick and low-cost lab on a chip for malaria detection

Pillarcell: Microfluidic system for stem cell differentiation

Diflusel: Nanofluidic electro-concentration designed to replace ELISA assay

 The PHOTOTRAIN : Microfluidic for a sustainable future
THE DNAREPAIRMAN : Molecular machines for DNA repair
THE METABLE : Bioinformatics helping genome analyses
I-BRACELET: Blood pressure monitoring

The NBIC valley: an all-round microfluidic partner for your H2020 research project