Plug&Play 4 channel microfluidic flow controller


Pressure stability: 0.005 % - Sensor resolution: 0.006 % - Settling time: 40 ms - Response time: 9 ms

20 times more stable & up to 10 times faster than other microfluidic flow controllers

Elveflow® provides the only microfluidic flow control system using Piezo technology and enables a blazing fast flow change in your microdevice. The new OB1 Mk3 is designed to generate a stable and pulseless flow while remaining extremely reactive. Control up to 4 channels independently for a wide variety of advanced microfluidic applications (digital microfluidics, bead and particle manipulation, fast liquid sample switching..)


Microfluidic flow control application notes step by step


 The only microfluidic controller that enable the control of both vacuum and pressure on the same channel

microfluidic pressure regulator flow control OB1

microfluidic flow controller response time

9ms response time*

Ultrafast flow control, more rapid and responsive experiments…Read more

microfluidic high accuracy flow control

0.005% Stability*

High precision flow control, highly reliable performance …Read more

microfluidic plug and play software

Plug & play

USB control with Elveflow® Smart Interface

microfluidic compact flow control device


Maintain performance and fast flow control regardless of your sample volume…Read more

microfluidic flexible custom flow control  4 outlets


Mix the unit numbers you need with 4 different pressure ranges: 200mbar, 2bar, 8bar, -1/+1bar

microfluidic control flow rate and pressure

Control both flow rate & pressure

Benefit from the advantages of both pressure control and syringe pump

*See datasheet for more information

OB1 Mk3 pressure & flow control, microfluidic setup

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OB1 schema microfluidic pressure and flow control

1. Pressure supply

Connect a dry, dust and oil free pressure source to your instrument.

2. Monitoring

Control the pressure and flow rate using the Elveflow Smart Interface on your computer. This software enables you to create and run sequences with a specific pressure or flow rate profile.

3. Sample

Pressurize the liquids inside tanks with your OB1 Mk3. (compatible with Eppendorf, Falcon or bottle )

4. Chip

Pressurized liquids are smoothly and precisely injected onto your chip according to the set pressure or flow rate profile.

Features and benefits

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Choose the number of independent channels on your OB1 Mk3 (from 1 to 4 channels). You can mix any combination of the maximum pressure range (200 mbar, 2 bar, 8 bar, -1/+1bar) on the same OB1 Mk3.


4 independent channels on a small-sized system (210 x 210 x 80 mm).

High stability

The OB1 Mk3 enables a flow standard deviation of 0.005% of the pressure range. The stability of piezoelectric technologies provides the world’s most accurate flow control for your microfluidic experiment.

Short response time

Piezoelectric technologies used in the OB1 Mk3 enable flow changes in as quick as 9 ms in your microfluidic device. Get the world’s fastest response time for your microfluidic experiment.

Flow rate control

Each channel of your OB1 Mk3 pressure controller can be coupled with a flow sensor. Using our feedback loop, you can monitor and control flow rate in your microfluidic setup while keeping stability and responsiveness of pressure driven flows. Since all OB1 Mk3 units are equipped with flow rate connectors, you can purchase flow sensors to upgrade your OB1 Mk3 at any time.

High compliance

Former electro-mechanical pressure controllers have limited gas throughput which limits their ability to quickly pressurize Eppendorf, Falcon or even large tanks up to 1 liters. The unique OB1 Mk3 technology enables fast pressurization of tanks up to 1 liter and enables you to set up long term or high flow rate microfluidic experiments.

Plug & play flow control

Using the Elveflow® Smart Interface you can switch from beginner to expert mode. The beginner mode enables you to control your setup after a few minutes of training. For more advanced experiments, switch to the expert mode to enjoy the full potential of your OB1 Mk3 .

Complex fluidic profiles

The OB1 Mk3  enables a multitude of configurable pressure functions such as sine, square, ramp… Coupled with flow sensors, the OB1 Mk3  can generate the same fluidic functions in flow rate.

Complete setup synchronization

The OB1 Mk3 is equipped with internal & external trigger connectors. Your OB1 Mk3  can thus be synchronized with any other Elveflow® product, a microscope or any electrical instrument. The Elveflow® Smart Interface enables the synchronization and triggering of up to 16 instruments simultaneously.

Fully customizable pressure controller

The OB1 Mk3 can be modified to fit almost all specific microfluidic requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us to get a quote for an OB1 Mk3  that will exactly fit your needs.

Software Elveflow® Smart Interface

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USB pressure controller software module

microfluidic labview software usb

Elveflow® instruments are assembled around a software application that facilitates the switch from one instrument to another.




Thanks to an intuitive interface, the Elveflow® Smart Interface enables the use of Elveflow® instruments from the simplest commands for beginners to the most

complex manipulations for experts… read more

Control your experiments through C, Python, Matlab®, Labview® or the Elveflow® Smart Interface. The Elveflow® Smart Interface is a software application offering all

the functionalities that microfluidicists need.

Pressure control

The pressure can be easily adjusted for up to 4 independent channels.

Flow control

When used with a flow sensor, a feedback loop with adaptable sensors allows for a direct control of the flow rate.


Store up to 4 different pressure configurations and switch from one to another in a second.

Display & save data

Real time pressure and flow rate are monitored and can be saved for later studies.

Edit functions

Complex pressure and flow rate profiles such as ramp, sine, square and triangle can be defined.

Elveflow® Smart Interface

When used with a flow sensor, a feedback loop with adaptable parasensors facilitates a direct control of the flow rate.

Product line & Specifications

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New OB1 MK3 : Covers a pressure control range from -1000 mbar to 1000 mbar.

OB1 microfluidic pressure and flow control

The following table summarizes the main features of the Elveflow® OB1 Mk3 pressure controller. To provide quality & performance, all of our instruments are

tested and calibrated independently (response time, stability, repeatability … ) and all result charts are stored.

You can create your own Elveflow® pressure controller using various options:

  • The OB1 Mk3  pressure controller can be prepared with up to 4 independent pressure control units.
  • Each pressure outlet can be set with a specific maximum pressure range: (200 mbar, 2 bar, 8 bar, -1/+1bar)
  • Each outlet can be coupled with an additional flow meter.


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(1) Output stability measured at 150 mBar with an external High accuracy pressure sensor (Druck DPI150)

(2) Depending on user computer operating system

(3) Volume dependent – Measurement done on 12 mL tank for a set point from 0 to 200 mbar

Flow control stability measurement and comparisons more information

Responsiveness of flow control instruments more information

According to Elveflow® product code convention, «OB1 Mk3 200» stands for an Elveflow® pressure controller consisting of 4 units with 200 mbar of maximal output pressure. «OB1 Mk3  Mix» means an Elveflow® pressure controller with mixed output pressures. Due to the physical compliance of fluidic systems, performances can change from one setup to another.

Contact Elveflow® microfluidic experts for your particular setup needs.

Available options

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Microfluidic flow sensor microfluidic flow sensor option

Some microfluidics applications require knowledge and control of the transported fluid volume. Elveflow® enables both flow rate and pressure control by combining the OB1 Mk3

pressure controller with a USB flow meter.  This option combines the advantages of syringe pumps with the reactivity of pressure controllers.

More details

Add & mix pressure range  flow sensor flow control pressure outlet

The OB1 Mk3  pressure controller can be prepared with up to 4 independent pressure control units. Each pressure outlet can be set with a specific pressure range: (200 mbar, 2 bar, 8 bar, -1/+1bar)

For each outlet, get high accuracy liquid flow sensors for ultra low flow rate monitoring

Microfluidic Accessories & Kits Microfluidic Accessories & Kits

No more microfluidic plumbing issues with our Plug & Play coupling solutions! These Accesory Kits allow you to easily connect a pressure source or syringe pump to your setup, inject liquids into microfluidic devices,  and enhance the capabilities of your system.

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Video Flow focusing control

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Video description

The ultrafast pressure control technology developed by Elveflow® enables the real time tuning of complex focusing regimes.

By simply choosing the type of pressure function (constant, ramp, sinusoidal, etc…), flow focusing, medium switching and chemistry on a chip become child’s play with

the most stable performance on the market.

OEM & specific needs

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OEM pressure controller

Need OEM OB1 pressure controlleror custom studies to insert OB1 into your future product ?

Specific needs and customized OB1 pressure controller

R&D team often developed customized products or new functionalities coming from researcher suggestions.


If you need OEM product from Elveflow or if you have specific needs for your microfluidic experiment, feel free to contact us and ask for Mael Leberre.

Related technological tips

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Benefit from the most recent technological advances

High accuracy pressure controller enables the generation and control of pressure onto microfluidic chips. USB monitored apparatus enables you to program and control your

experiment through Elveflow® software, Matlab and LabView. Our partnership with National Instruments guarantees superior performance and reliable devices.

National Instruments is our technological partner for embedded electronics

Elveflow microfluidic innovation center  powered by National instruments

Syringe pump or pressure controller?

Syringe pumps are extensively used for flow control applications but are sometimes poorly adapted to fluid handling in microfluidic circuits (read more). At low flow rates, syringe pumps lead to longer

settling times and slower pulsing flows. To address this problem, ELVEFLOW offers high precision pressure controllers to obtain fast and accurate flow control in microfluidic devices.

Please ask our microfluidic specialists for advice on how to use our instruments – they will gladly counsel you on the best equipment set for your application.

For more technical details or pricing information: or phone: +33(0).184.163.807

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